What is the best material for kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinets
kitchen cabinets

Planning a new kitchen or remodeling it, cabinets are the most integral part. After all, you need storage for your cooking stuff. Not only that, they offer a visual appeal to your place. That is why you need the best material for your cabinets. In that case, Forevermark cabinets use quality wood for their products.

Well, most of the kitchen cabinets are made of wood. So, it is vital to ensure the durability of the material. Also, they must be able to stand daily usage. Any wood type you choose will impact your entire budget. That is why always consider your budget before picking the wood. 

In addition, all the wood types have their specifics. So, let’s discuss some of the options you have:

  1. Hardwood
  2. Plywood
  3. Fiberboard
  4. Wood veneer
  5. Aluminum
  6. Particleboard
  7. PVC

1- Hardwood:

No doubt, hardwood is the most solid material for kitchen cabinets. Hardwood has much more options than you think. For instance, you have maple, hickory, and cherry wood in this type. Also, they are durable and come in pretty grain-like patterns. If you want a warm yet stylish kitchen, go for solid wood cabinets. In the same way, you can paint or varnish them in any rich color.

2- Plywood:

This wood type is the most cost-friendly material for cabinets. Plywood is usually glued or laminated with solid veneers. Also, it has many grade levels. So, the one with low cost may be of low quality. But, you can use the A-grade premium wood type for solid cabinets. Forevermark cabinets use plywood for the cabinet doors. In addition to that, these laminated wood layers need varnish to last longer.

3- Fiberboard:

Well, this material is popular among many people. The stores like a big box and others prefer using it for their products. So, fiberboard comes from fiber, wax, and resins. Also, they recycled it under high pressure. In this way, you have ideal stuff for cabinet making.

In addition, it has a firm and smooth surface that allows you to paint it in any color you wish. But, it is not as strong as hardwood or plywood. So, moisture can damage its surface.  

4- Wood veneer:

First of all, wood veneer is not actual wood. But, these are solid wood sheets that you can paste on the cabinet boxes. Then, they apply varnish or polish to give it a wooden look. Also, they are like laminate sheets. Well, you may paint them in desirable colors. But, these veneers are not scratch-resistant. They require polish or paint in a short time. Also, they do not cost much.

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5- Aluminum:

Metallic cabinets have their own fan base. The stainless steel or aluminum cabinets are durable. So, you can make a perfect electric kitchen with metallic cabinets. But, they are much more costly than you think.

Moreover, they are rust and stain-resistant. Also, the metallic look has a unique visual appeal. Your appliances pair well with this material. But, their doors and drawers can be noisy in your place. Also, you have limited options in cabinet shades.

6- Particleboard:

This wood type has low density than fiberboard. They recycled wooden sheets, boards, and resins to make this stuff. In this way, they give strength to the material used to build kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for a medium but durable wood type, go for particleboard. You will find that Forevermark cabinets use this wood type as well. Also, it is a lighter material that is easy to install. 

7- PVC (polyvinyl chloride):

PVCs are typically plastic sheets. They can give a firm and stain-free look to your kitchen cabinets. Also, they are common among most people for being less costly. Furthermore, they can resist oily and acidic stains. They can be easy to install, but they cannot handle fire. That is why they are not that safe with kids at home. So, if you want a short-term thing, go for PVC cabinets. Otherwise, skip the idea.


The best tip to choose the perfect material is going for durability. The weaker wood types can make you regret it later. That is why never pick the cheaper option to save some bucks. 


Choosing the best material for kitchen cabinets is hard as it is a long-term investment. So, the most durable and best options are hardwood and plywood. You can get quality cabinets from Forevermark cabinets. But, if you want a cost-friendly material for cabinets, opt for wood veneer or particleboard. Otherwise, fiberboard and aluminum are also good options. So, choose the one that fits your style and budget.