What Size Rug Should You Buy For Your Horse?


When you’re looking for ways to keep your horse warm and comfortable, horse rugs are your best bet. But with so many different options out there and different brands having different sizes, it can be hard to find which one is best for your horse.

Making sure your horse has the correct size rug is very important as it prevents chafing and doesn’t restrict their movement. Here’s a quick guide on how you can decide which size rug is right for your horse. 

A pony carpet is a staple piece of most pony’s closets and an accurately fitting floor covering is fundamental to give the ideal security to your pony while protecting them agreeable.

An evil fitting mat can be a threat to your pony and can regularly cause more damage than great thus, regardless of whether it’s a carpet to keep your pony warm and dry in the colder time of year, sans fly in the late spring or cool after work out, around here at Naylors Equestrian we have given an overall size and fitting manual forgive you piece of the psyche that your pony is cheerful, agreeable and feeling breathtaking in his mat!

Measure Up

The most accurate way you can choose the right size rug is to measure your horse. Make sure you take all measurements without a rug already on as this will give you an inaccurate number. 

Start with the tape at the centre of your horse’s chest. Then measure the distance from this point to the centre of their tail. Then you want to subtract 10cm or 4 inches from this distance. This will give you their rug size. Some suppliers may have their measurements in centimetres or feet and inches, so it’s best to take down both.

Some suppliers may also sell in small, medium, large etc, so it’s a good idea to check their size guide against your own measurements. You might find that your horse’s measurements fall between two different sizes. If this happens, it’s normally safer to go for the slightly larger size. However, depending on your horse, the smaller one might be better if they have a particularly narrow chest.

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Tips For Measuring

Make sure your horse is standing on level ground to ensure the measurement won’t be wrong due to a slanted stance. Try using a soft tape measure as well because it will be easier to follow the direction of their body. It’s also smart to take the measurement more than once. That way you can be sure it’s as accurate as it can be. 


To go up or go down a size?

Assuming your pony is in the middle of sizes it is by and large preferable to go greater rather than more modest except if your pony is especially modest or slender chested. While picking a floor covering for your pony, the form and state of the pony ought to be thought about; a wide and stout pony might have to go up a size to oblige for their width, an extremely limited and fine pony might have to go down a size and a pony with enormous shoulders might require a gusset for the opportunity of development.

Fitting a pony floor covering

Along these lines, you’ve estimated your pony, thought about his construct and purchased a fantastic new floor covering… presently you want to ensure it fits. While giving another floor covering a shot to your pony it is ideal to take a stab at over a perfect cotton sheet, this will keep the mat from getting filthy on the off chance that you want to return it and trade it for an alternate size.

How To Know It Fits

If you’ve measured your horse and followed the size guide, you don’t want to just assume that it will fit perfectly. To check that your horse’s new rug is comfortable, do these quick checks. 

  1. Check that the rug isn’t longer than the top of its tail. If it goes further than this point, the rug is too big. If the rug doesn’t reach this point, then it’s too small and you’ll need to change the size. 
  2. Make sure you can get your hand between the straps and their body. If you can’t the rug is too tight and will restrict their movement. Their rug should be something to protect them, not cause discomfort. 
  3. The rug should sit on the neck easily and not hang off it. If it does, there’s a chance it could cause strain on their shoulders and rub too much causing sores. 
  4. Leg lashes ought to be acclimated to permit a hand’s width between the ties and your pony’s thigh. To accurately affix leg lashes you ought to secure one around the pony’s leg. Then, at that point, require your subsequent tie; fold this over the other leg while circling inside the main tie.
  5. This should then somewhat isolate each tie and structure a figure of eight. This keeps the two ties tight and far removed. On the off chance that the lashes are too lengthy, your pony could get his legs captured and cause himself a physical issue. In the event that they are too short, they might rub and confine development.
  6. Some pony carpets offer a filet string rather than leg ties. It’s critical that this is attached safely to keep the carpet set up should your pony roll or rests. These will likewise keep the mat from exploding over his back in the breeze.
    We stock a wide scope of pony carpets on the web and are available. If it’s not too much trouble, reach us assuming you want any exhortation.

Another useful tip for finding the right rug is measuring an existing rug you have that currently fits your horse perfectly. It’s always good to know your horse’s exact measurements but measuring their current rug can be a good alternative. 

By making sure your horse’s rug fits them correctly, you’ll not only ensure they’re protected from the elements, but you’ll also contribute to their happiness and wellbeing day today.