Why wearing earrings can never be out of fashion?


Just wearing two earrings is no longer in fashion. This year the “must” not to be missed in the field of jewelry is the overlapping of many different earrings to wear on both lobes. Even better, multiple earrings to wear, all together, on the same ear. The trend of different earrings is not an absolute novelty but in 2020, thanks to the looks proposed by stars and influencers, it has almost become a lifestyle. All women who are passionate about fashion pay particular attention to bijoux, but wearing them with class is not always easy. Buy ethnic jewellery online from the most acclaimed designers who have proposed daring combinations and often difficult to bring into reality, however, we can soon take some interesting ideas for everyday life, which will give a touch of glamour to any outfit.

The hoop earrings

They have never gone out of fashion and for some seasons they have been back very current. Let’s talk about hoop earrings, perfect to be mixed or, as we anticipated, together with other models. For example, you can wear several hoops and an oval together, starting from the top with the smallest models up to those with the widest circumference to wear on the lobes, creating a fascinating intertwining of bijoux. You can mix different shapes but also combine classic silver earrings with those with stones to give light: the effect must be original and opulent, almost baroque.

Drop earrings: waterfall effect

The layering starts from the lengths, and the simplest way is to start with a larger earring in the hole on the lobe, gradually adding smaller earrings in the following holes. Do you want to dare? Play with asymmetries and proportions. For example, you can mix sizes without ordering the earrings precisely. If you choose two dangle earrings of the same size but of a different model, however, the secret lies in coordinating the two styles flawlessly. An interesting and very feminine choice is to use two identical but scaled earrings or two different pendants but in two similar colors. If, on the other hand, you want to focus on something less whimsical, choose a pendant accompanied by a simple light point or a small symbol. Impossible to go wrong!

How to match multiple earrings with your look

Given the particularity of this new trend, we want to give you some tips to avoid showing off too demanding looks. The most important advice is not to combine South Indian earrings set with price with showy dresses, decorated with sequins, crystals, or animal prints because South Indian earrings contain tradition and holiness. After all, it is mostly worn by the brides.

The best choice remains a basic outfit that needs to be embellished with more particular accessories and jewels. For example, you can match the layering of earrings with a masculine white shirt and high-waisted shorts or jeans with a nineties mood. For the summer, combine the multi earrings with simple total black swimsuits or white shirtdresses and kaftans without fantasy, flat sandals, and ballet flats. For the evening they are perfect with an essential black sheath dress or a blouse with a skirt and stiletto heels.