How to Prepare for Writing a Problem Solution Essay


Doing academic work for credit is something all of us all too familiar with. During the course of an average person’s education years, there are numerous times when there is a need to do something that goes towards the final grade in a subject. Most of those things are obligatory, meaning you have to complete them if you mean to be eligible to pass the course at the end of the semester. Sometimes, there is only a single chance to do so. In some cases, you have two or even three shots to complete it. When it comes to things that we do for credit and as a certain percentage of the grade, it most often involves some type of writing. And what kind of writing is the absolute leader among all work you do in middle school, high school, and at the university? That is right, the infamous essays.

The Bane of Every Student

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There isn’t a student who particularly enjoys writing essays on a regular basis. Some may be quite good at it, some even talented. However, nobody would really admit to loving them. They are the part of every education course or program that the students like the least. Still, they are obligatory and it makes perfect sense for them to be what they are and to be as present as they are. Essays are one of the best ways to test the students’ views on something, as well as the knowledge they have gathered during the lessons and while studying. Thanks to their nature and the fact that they are quite versatile, they offer the best insight into the mind of the student and serve multiple purposes. Without knowing it, the students actually become better at critical thinking and problem solving, apart from the obvious benefits for their writing and analyzing skills.

If you hate essays and dread the moment you have to prepare the next one, know that you are not alone. That is the fate of almost all students regardless of their age and field of study. Others have done it dozens of times before you and so will you. The hardest part is to start writing it, but once you start it gets easier. If you currently have to write one, worry not as we can lend a helping hand. In this article we tackle a particular type of essay, the problem solution and essay. Read on to learn how to prepare for writing one. To learn more about this type of essay and get references for future help, make sure to also visit this site.

Do Enough Research

As mentioned earlier, starting the whole writing process usually feels like the hardest bit to do. That is because students attempt to write essays on topics they are not really familiar with, which is how these topics are usually designed. It should not come as a surprise that writing a constructive and cohesive essay about something you barely know anything about is difficult. To prevent this and to have a more pleasant time of writing any essay, you have to do some research. The notes from the professor you got in the class and the textbook you may have are not enough. You must sit down in your own time and do some special type of preparation. Research the topic, in this case the problem, and learn stuff about it that you did not know. Only when you expand your knowledge will you be able to write a solution to the problem in the form of the essay.

Examine Similar Solutions

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A great thing about problem solution essays is that they are generally easier to write than strictly critical or analytical essays. You have a more defined thing to cover and you can be more subjective than in other scenarios because you are offering a solution that you deem applicable and possible. Apart from this, there are probably already many similar essays on the same or similar topic, all trying to solve the same problem. If you manage to find some of them, you can not only learn how to write it the right way but also what to cover and how to shape everything. As long as you are not plagiarizing but only reading it for information and education, you will not be doing anything wrong. In the end, you will have contributed to the problem with your own solution and broaden the field a little. It helps if you are interested in the problem, but you do not have to be. As you are older and as harder and harder levels of education come your way, you will be tasked to share your opinions and solutions to existing and potential challenges. Tackling them is how you grow, but do not underestimate the ideas of those who came before you.


Ask Peers for Assistance

Last but not least, you have to remember that you are not alone in this struggle of yours. You are hardly the only student that has to prepare for an essay and eventually write it. Chances are your peers also have to do the same thing, which means you can collaborate and find the best course of action. Some of the best academic work is done as a part of a group. As long as you focus on what matters and do not get too distracted with having fun, you will finish the job and get good grades. Help each other view the problem from multiple sides. Several minds think better than a single mind. As you are brainstorming and thinking about the problem, the solutions will start pouring in and you will have the notes ready to be turned into a fully-fledged solution essay. Never underestimate the power of peer collaboration, especially between close friends coming together in a desperate attempt to write an academic essay. You can also ask your professor or mentor for more guidance. They should be ready to help you and offer some useful tips.