5 Tips to Hire a Business Mail Forwarding Service UK In 2024

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Suppose you need a mail forwarding service to stay on top of your mail while on your long trip, camping, or moving abroad. Hiring a professional mail forwarding company to handle your mail is the best option. It will help you be at peace knowing that important mail will reach you on time, such as tax and IRS notices. Also, you can be sure that they will handle your sensitive and confidential information with utmost care.  

However, choosing the best mail forwarding company is not easy. There are many things you need to consider and companies to check out. To make your search process easier, here are five tips to help you. 

  1. Research the Company

Before deciding which company will handle your mail, have at least five companies that you plan to research thoroughly. You can come up with the list through recommendations from online platforms or friends and family. The process will enable you to get the most reliable mail handling company for your needs. 

Find out their track record in the industry. Companies with a long history in business mail forwarding UK usually have an exemplary track record. Also, they have a better experience, which shows a high likelihood of success in their work.  

Also, check if they have the resources, they require to ship your mail. If they have experts in the field, they will guide you in completing the paperwork necessary for this.  

Check out their online reviews from previous customers to find out if they are reliable. You can get reviews and testimonials on the company website or other online forums like Trustpilot and Google. Choose a company with the best ratings and reviews. Remember that the number of people leaving feedback determines the credibility of a company. Working with a firm with a questionable reputation might lead you to miss out on important notices because of late delivery. You may end up paying huge fines because of this. 

Also, check how the company responds to the reviews. It will help you determine how they value their customers’ feedback. 



  1. Check Out Their Prices

Although you shouldn’t base your decision on the cost, it is an essential factor to consider. You should choose a company whose services you can afford. Get price quotes from different companies and compare them to know which one has the best offer. Also, compare their prices to the features that they offer. Some companies charge high fees while their services are inferior or lack many benefits or options. 

Identify the membership fee, shipping cost, fuel charges, and customs charges. The total amount that the company will charge you depends on your needs. Knowing the price will also help you come up with a realistic budget for the service. Also, make sure there are no hidden costs, as some companies do not include them in their tariffs. It will help you avoid frustrations later when paying for the services. 

Some companies offer free services such as repacking and consolidation. Take advantage of these offers to save some quids. However, you must ensure that the services they are offering are legitimate and you will not pay for them in some other way.  

Additionally, check out the exchange rates if you are moving abroad. You will need to pay the company in a currency that they accept. Therefore, be ready to spend more when exchanging currencies. 

  1. Realistic Delivery Times

Depending on what you want delivered, you can choose the delivery options best for you. You may want the company to forward your mails regularly to you or opt for periodic delivery of personal letters and cards. 

Another factor that may determine how fast you want the mail is the urgency of the letter or parcel. Here, you will have to inform the forwarding company about it. Most companies charge an extra fee for expedited delivery.  

Although professional companies always try to take the shortest time to deliver your mail, you must be realistic in your delivery timelines request. Depending on how far you will be moving from your home, it may take time before your mail reaches you.  

Also, note what they can, or cannot, send to international destinations. You will avoid future frustrations that result from them not delivering a vital package you have been waiting a long time. 

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Does the company have reliable customer service? It is a question that you need to find answers to when researching a mail forwarding company. No company is perfect, and issues may always occur during the forwarding process. 

Therefore, the company needs to have customer service that is easy to contact and reliable. It will make it easy for you to get help when there is a problem or delay in your delivery. Also, it will prevent you from wasting time as you try to contact them. 

To enable you to achieve this, ensure you choose a company that has an excellent customer service team in place. To gauge their reliability, you can call their service team to see how fast they respond. Also, check if they can give you satisfactory answers to your questions. You can also ask previous customers if they had any issues and how fast they resolved them. 

Look at their website to see how they responded to customer questions. You can also contact them via email or chat. Find out how long it takes for them to respond. 



  1. Possibility of Using Their Address for Billing

Most of the best mail forwarding companies allow you to use their address outside the United Kingdom for billing purposes. You need to find out if they will enable you to use their PO box address or the street address. Remember, companies send your bills to an actual street address.  

Mail forwarding services that let users use their street addresses are top-rated as they enable the client’s actual location to remain unknown. Additionally, it gives them security and privacy against prying eyes. 


When researching a mail forwarding company, ensure you ask all the relevant questions that you have. Also, get to know what you need to do to make the process smooth and successful. Always go for the company you feel will serve you better in the long run. Do not forget to take advantage of the offers that they have as long as they are genuine.