6 Reasons Why Juno Vape Device Is So Famous Among Youngsters


The new study by Truth Initiative reveals that teens are 16 times more likely to use JUUL and other E-cigarettes than older age groups. It further asserts that the frequency of use is not mere experimentation but a habit many youngsters are hooked to. Juno vape devices, mostly called JUUL, lead the popularity score, owning more than 72 percent of the e-cigarette market share.

But what makes these devices quite popular among youngsters than the other options on the market? According to market studies, they contain nicotine, which makes them highly addictive. The vape device is also flavored with liquid cartridges and rechargeable batteries. It is much smaller and sleeker, two qualities that favor the current discreet young users.

Juno Vapes as Alternative E-cigarettes

The manufacturers of these vape devices argue that their mission is to eliminate cigarette smoking by offering a genuine alternative. The device is designed to help current tobacco smokers switch to something safer and healthier.

More so, the focus is on minors who use tobacco and other unsafe vaping products to find ways to keep themselves from using any unsafe products. However, the sales of shop for Juno vape from a trusted retailer have increased significantly among youngsters for more than just what the manufacturer intended. Here are some of the reasons for this increasing popularity.

The Vapes Come in Different flavors,

Juno vape devices exist in a variety of flavors, which have a great appeal to youngsters. The taste alone acts as a huge selling point since most youngsters prefer something fancy instead of the usual cigarette flavors.

These flavors, including the fruit medley and cool cucumber, are not typical in other e-cigars options. The flavors create an appeal where many youngsters believe they are only vaping the flavoring, not nicotine itself. As a result, they feel more comfortable.

They are Odourless

Besides the variety of flavors and tastes, Juno vapes don’t have any odor. They are unlike most conventional nicotine consumption methods that emit a foul smell even when used discreetly. Youngsters love this aspect because it allows them to enjoy the vaping experience unrecognized even when seated next to a non-user.

Most users also admit that an unpleasant odor may impact their personality. In cases where they want to vape unnoticeably, an inconspicuous and odorless vape device is all they want. This is why Juno vape devices remain famous among the younger generation, as it allows them to vape without worrying about the people around them.

The devices are Safer Alternative to Cigarettes.

The growing campaign against tobacco use is also a key factor driving young people towards embracing safer smoking alternatives. Most of them know the substantial health risks faced when you smoke or consume nicotine directly.

There’s a considerable belief these vape devices are significantly less dangerous than the orthodox nicotine consumption methods. The machines are also safe to use compared to tobacco smoking, where you inhale the smoke directly. A Juno pod typically contains either 3% or 5% nicotine. This is less than the amount you’ll find in most nicotine or tobacco cigarettes.

They are Convenient and Affordable

A Juno vape device features a small and compact design that’s convenient to carry around. The device is simple and has a built-in temperature control system that protects you from experiencing burnt taste or throat irritations. Its minimalist design is considered among the key reasons youngsters have ditched cigarettes in its favor.

Aside from convenience, Juno vapes are also easily affordable. The growing trend of vaping has led to the increased supply of vaping devices in the market. Competition has risen as the number of shops selling these devices is also high. As a result, teens can now easily afford them, unlike in the past.

The Growing Social Media Influence

Social media continues to play a massive role in the growing popularity of vaping culture. Juno vape devices are not left behind as they enjoy an equivalent strong social media presence. This explains why the devices continue to attract young users. And while there are arguments the vast social media presence is championing in their misuse, there are no signs the trend will stop soon.

If anything, some youngsters are now opting to use these devices to experience what vaping feels like. They are mostly induced into taking up the habit after seeing their favorite celebrity or friend using vape devices. Videos and other online content promoting the use of these devices are also readily accessible to youngsters.

They are Easily Available

Juno vape devices are readily available in virtually any smoking store that sells e-cigarettes. Unlike most brick-and-mortar stores that ask for identification, online shops allow you to buy these devices without age verification. This has made it so easy for youngsters to access these vape devices.

Most shops are also moving away from selling traditional nicotine and tobacco cigarettes to embrace e-cigarettes. The little safety provided by these vape devices is also one key reason there are no strict regulations to control their market supply.

Final Thought

JUULing is now a popular trend that has replaced the traditional methods of nicotine consumption. Juno vape devices lead the way among the favorite JUULs in teenagers. And if the above reasons for the Juno Vape device’s popularity are anything to go by, it’s only a matter of time before the trend takes over the world.