Actual USEFUL Valorant Tips And Tricks


Valorant isn’t the most straightforward shooter in the category for newbies. To win a match, you must have a precision aim, map awareness, cunning ability use, and good communication skills.

All of these features, notably the need for pinpoint accuracy and a short time to kill, might turn off inexperienced gamers right away. However, take the time to adapt and develop, and you’ll be rewarded when you’re making heads turn or pulling off unique clutches.

As a competitive shooter, Valorant is difficult to learn. Thus, Battlelog brings a list of helpful tips to assist you in getting up to speed with the game.

Tips and Tricks for Using Valorant

Keep your aim steady. 

Whatever your mouse configuration, it’s critical that you keep your crosshair at or near the level of your head while you traverse the map and that you avoid letting it wobble all over the place when moving. It’s impossible to keep it at this height all of the time, but think about how you can place it optimally at all times, whether you’re rounding a corner, ascending a ladder, or looking down from an elevated vantage point,

Walk as much as you run.

This is the type of work that Valorant does daily. Running around makes a lot of noise, which can quickly reveal your location to those not paying attention. To avoid being tracked by the enemy while pushing a site or lurking around the map, make sure you’re wandering around.

Stop and take a shot. 

This is an absolute must in Valorant. When it comes to shooting, you’ll want to be sure you’re not moving before you start squeezing the trigger. The accuracy of your shots reduces substantially if you walk or run while firing – we’re talking bullets flying everywhere. Make an effort to get into the habit of pausing before you shoot!


This isn’t your typical ‘run and gun action game in the vein of Call of Duty. Valorant is built on the foundation of thoughtful, collaborative teamwork. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much to exclude someone from a situation. Generally speaking, we advocate taking your time when exploring the map and not being hesitant to hold positions when you’ve discovered a fascinating angle.

When you have your knife in hand, you sprint faster.

If you are satisfied that you are in a safe area, switch to your knife and run as quickly as you can to reposition yourself in the area. This is particularly beneficial if your adversary has put a bomb at a location and you are nowhere in the vicinity. Of course, you should be cautious about being caught off guard by an adversary, but doing so can provide you with crucial time to launch a counterattack or engage in aggressive behavior.

Shooting through walls is encouraged.

 Don’t be hesitant to ‘wallbang’ an adversary if you know where they are or if you have reason to believe they might be hiding in a secret location. We wouldn’t waste too much ammunition, but if you’ve anticipated the situation perfectly, it can have a significant impact on someone’s health.

Bullet holes will be visible if you can shoot through a wall, indicating that you have done so. If your bullets are met by orange sparks, and there is no apparent bullet penetration, the wall is too thick to shoot through, and you should retreat.

When peering, exercise caution. 

If you’re going to take a peek around a corner, keep in mind that there could be someone waiting to attack you on the other side of the street. Position your crosshair correctly, and you should be able to remove them with a few rapid taps at the very least.

Take a look at your capabilities.

 It should go without saying, but make full use of your strengths. Consider, however, the impact they will have on your team as well. This is especially true for smoke grenades, flashbangs, walls, and other such items. To avoid embarrassing situations with your teammates, make a phone call when you’re employing a unique ability to alert them of the problem.

Make use of the available vertical space. 

Agents like Jett can leap up atop boxes and hold angles that their adversaries will not be aware of. Not only will you make it difficult for the adversary to attack, but they may also be ideal locations from which to gather further information about the other team’s movements.


The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated, eat healthily, and take frequent rest. Playing well is a reflection of your emotional and physical well-being. For the most successful teams, making sure their players consume the right foods, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly is a significant priority.