Benefits Of Buying Online Health Insurance

Health insurances are a general necessity for every individual, and the primary reason for that is the rising costs of medical treatments. Also, the number of cases of lifestyle diseases has seen a sudden increase in the country. Both these facts imply that medical emergencies don’t come announced, and they can affect anyone at any time. If you consult any financial advisor, they will generally suggest buying health insurance as early as you can.

When it comes to medical insurances, the first thought that comes to mind is going through hefty paperwork and making rounds of insurance offices. Thanks to digitalization, that’s not the case anymore, as now you can buy health insurance online without having to sign multiple documents.

Let us look at the main reasons why purchasing health insurance online is beneficial.

Buying Insurance Online Saves Time

Speaking with an insurance agent was almost mandatory in the earlier days as little information was available regarding them in the public domain. Meetings with health insurance agents were not only time-consuming, but very often, people couldn’t see the whole picture, and there was an evident lack of transparency.

However, now you can visit the websites of insurance companies and compare the plans yourself. Therefore, your decision to buy the best health insurance is no longer dependent on the suggestions and opinions of insurance agents, and you can make your own choice.

Ease In Comparing Various Insurance Deals

If you were to compare two or more insurances on paper, it would take at least a day to go through all the aspects of an insurance deal. However, if you opt for online insurance, then you can compare various deals using comparison tools.

These comparison tools compare two or more insurance policies based on predefined parameters such as premium rate, disbursement plans, among others. Moreover, online medical insurance providers make sure to put all the relevant information on their website in a crisp manner.

Better Decision Making

Due to the broader availability of information, you can consider factors like benefits covered under the health insurance plan, policy quotes, exclusion list, and all the terms and conditions. All these factors enable you to make a better decision based on what you require and not on what they provide.

As mentioned earlier, you may not get similar transparency while talking to an insurance agent because they have the sole purpose of selling the medical insurance to you, and your decision gets affected evidently. Therefore, better availability of information simply leads to taking a better decision.

No Time Boundaries

You cannot deny that you would need to mark your calendars or take a day off just because you had to make a dedicated decision regarding purchasing medical insurance. What if we tell you that you can buy online insurance at any time on any day?

In addition, you no longer need to make a quick decision just because of your pre-set deadline of finishing the task on that particular day. The abundant information regarding health insurance is available round the clock, and you can opt to buy one according to your comfort and timings.

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Who doesn’t love discounts? Wouldn’t it be great if you got attractive discounts while buying health insurance? Most online insurance providers offer seasonal discounts, which you don’t get while purchasing health insurance offline.

It lets you buy the same insurance at a lower premium rate along with other benefits such as flexible eligibility and more. You can at least expect a discount of 10% while buying health insurance online. Plus, there are no middlemen in the online mode eating up your hard-earned money for the sake of brokerage.

Instant Coverage

One thing that we always look forward to while buying medical insurance is the option for instant coverage. Medical financial requirements need to be addressed quickly, and online health insurance offers an ideal way. They provide you with instant investment proof, which leads to instant coverage without much hassle. You rarely get an option for instant disbursal for offline medical insurances due to the involvement of mega paperwork.


Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the quick changes in the insurance sectors, and the shift to an online platform is the primary one among them. In the midst of the hectic daily schedule, it becomes difficult for an individual to go through the regular procedure of buying health insurance. That is where the online health insurance providers arrive to save the day.

A great variety of options are available online, which lets you make your pick in a more custom manner. For example, online health insurances by Bajaj Finserv Health are pretty popular due to the value and variety factor.

If you are looking forward to buying health insurance anytime soon, you can start by scanning through the Bajaj Finserv Health app to get the best deals and packages!