How Do You Calculate House Edge in Roulette


We are witnessing some pretty big changes, and here, we are talking about technology and how the latest achievements really change everything. Today, we have cryptocurrencies, and the gaming industry is on the rise, especially with Esports gaining more and more popularity, but among everything else, gambling is surely the most revolutionized one, as the entire concept of gambling and our perception of it changed with online casinos. Of course, regardless of whether you are fond of traditional mortar casinos or their online versions, in order to win and get the best possible gambling experience, certain things like knowing the rules, when to double the bet, and when to stop are a must. On the other hand, one thing that confuses many and is essential for every game of chance enthusiast is the infamous house edge, which is why we will focus more on that now.

What is it?


The first thing we need to clarify here is what it is and how it affects the overall potential winnings for players, regardless of which casino game they set to play. In order to understand better what it represents, why it is of such vast importance to know how it can affect your game and how to calculate it, let’s first focus on the main problem and that’s whether the house edge is the same for every game and in every casino. Namely, it represents the possibility of actually winning some money while playing some casino games, or on the other side, the possibility that the house will win. Regarding that, the higher the house edge, the lower the chance to win some money, and knowing how to calculate it can help us choose the best possible game to play.

Now, what confuses many is the fact that not every casino has the same house edge for some game, meaning that no one can precisely say that there is some predetermined and universal house edge for each game. Essentially, this also means that even though it might be low for roulette at some casinos, that doesn’t mean that it will be the same in every other one. All of this also says a lot about how important it is to do a bit of research before you embark on your epic gambling quest, as only by doing your homework can you be sure whether and how big winnings you can expect. Yes, the main goal for many people is to have fun, and winning some cash is preferable and not a must but the best way to get the best possible gambling experience is only by knowing how it all works and, of course, knowing the rules of casino games.

Various types of games

We have already mentioned roulette, and that’s because another thing that confuses many is about variations of the game, as there are plenty of them. Namely, many new players do not know that roulette is a popular game with a few variations and different house edges for each type. For example, European and US roulette differs in the number of pockets where the ball can stop, which directly affects the house edge, as it decreases the chances for players to guess that number and win. Besides these two types, there are a few others, and learning how to calculate a house edge for each of them, can help you choose the game that fits you the most. Of course, this advice works for every other game of chance, as there are many variations, especially for those most popular and traditional casino games like poker, craps, baccarat, and blackjack.

How to calculate it?

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Before we get into specifics of how to determine how high your chances are to win some money, we first need to explain the concept upon which casinos, regardless of whether we speak about land-based ones or their online versions, gather profits. Namely, the whole concept of gambling is based upon the law of large numbers and probability. Now, while the first one is pretty easy to understand and most people are already aware of how it works, the second one is what most players overlook. The main concept of games of chance is that even when players win, the winnings will not match the true odds of winning. That’s the entire point, and it might get a bit clearer with this example.

Once again, let’s use roulette as an example, as there are 18 reds and blacks and two green pockets, and when we bet on black, our chances of winnings are 18/38. When we subtract one from this odd, which represents our wager, we get to a point where casinos for our initial $18 bet should pay us $20, but this doesn’t happen. Besides that, the strategy one might use may be of help in terms of winnings, but eventually, no one is a long-term winner.

Choosing a trustworthy casino

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Once you learn how to calculate a house edge and decide which type of roulette is the best choice for you, it is crucial to find a reliable online casino to play it. There are several reasons for that, but the most important one is safety, since visiting unreliable websites can easily turn you into the victim of a scam and make you lose all the money in a few seconds. Besides that, unreliable websites usually do not have a great game offer, and we can experience unnecessary waiting and bugs. On the other hand, trustworthy ones will provide us with great customer support that can solve any possible problem and grant us the safety of our money.

Understandably, we all want to avoid spending too much time doing research, which is why knowing who to consult and where to find the most reliable casinos and the ones with the best house edge and a vast offer of easily claimable bonuses is always preferable. Now, since there are many ways to do that and since there are so many online casinos out there, it can be pretty challenging to find the best one, but there is no need to worry as we have a solution for those who do not have enough time to search for it, as all they need to do is to check crazyvegas and choose the one that suits them the most.