Some Unknown Facts About Chris Morocco Wife You didn’t Know


Among the world’s most famous personalities Chris Morocco’s name comes at the top of the list. He is a very well-known foodie icon who loves the kitchen so we see his life busy in making foods and sharing delicious recipes. 

So let’s break the suspense and start knowing all the interesting information about him.

Chris Morocco is a top famous chef as well as a YouTube and Instagram star who is also deputy food director at the most popular American food and an entertaining magazine called Bon Appetit. He is also famous for the Reverse Engineering of Bon Appetit YouTube channel in which Chris Morocco is the host of the show. He is doing wonderful work for his magazine and as a show host of the presents several mind-blowing recipes to the viewers and also share food tutorials to teach people how to make the yummiest food; to higher the reputation of his magazine he visits several restaurants and meets the world’s greatest eaters and create food reviews and add them in his Bon Appetit magazine. Chris Morocco and his magazine are highly famous and so people are quite interested to know all the details about this awesome chef.

Chris Morocco’s Age & Education

Chris Morocco’s full name is Christopher Morocco and he was born in the USA on February 26, 1980.

He went to Newton High School and in 2003 he completed his education at Oberlin College in Ohio and he studied French Literature there. 


Morocco told in an interview that he had grown up around the food environment and that developed a deep appreciation for food inside him and encouraged him to become a super chef. He always had a dream to do something big in the food field so even joining a fashion different field he turned into his dream job to make himself satisfied. 


Chris Morocco spent his childhood in Newton, Massachusetts. His parents’ names are David Morocco and Catherine. His mother worked at Clark University in Massachusetts as an Assistant Professor. Chris Morocco has a great bonding with his parents and they also made him a great man. He is quite attached to his parents and performing her responsibilities towards his parents, wife, and kids very well. Morocco’s whole family is very much satisfied with his struggle and they live like a happy family.

Morocco always proves himself as the best companion to his wife and the best son of his parents. He is also a great father and he never feels bad to take care of his family. His parents, wife, and kids all love him and encourage him to make the best in his life. 

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Marriage & Wife

Everybody is so much excited to know about Chris Morocco’s wife. There is lots of data available on the internet related to his career, profession, qualification, and social activities but nobody accurately knows about his married life and who is his wife? We tell you who is that lucky girl? 

Amber Bennett is Chris Morocco’s wife and she is a fashion designer by profession and she worked for Anna Sui, Jason Wu, and Club Monaco. Amber Bennett studied at Central Saint Martins in London. She is not that popular as her husband and even some people don’t know a lot about her. 


Chris never wanted to disclose his private life in public but when a question about his sexuality highlighted he had to talk about his wife. So his fans start to know about Amber Bennett. 


The couple has two children and they both are sons. Their younger son’s name is Finn and their older son’s name is Alec and their residence is in Brooklyn, New York. 

Chris Morocco’s background 

Before being a super chef Chris was involved in the cooking profession from the start of his life. He started his first job as a cook at Pyle Inn and at that time he was studying in his college. In some of his interviews, he talked about his earlier career. He said “Cooking and doing lunch as well as dinner once a week for 100 some odd people was really my first introduction to the making-it-happen sort of cooking where whatever you’re given”.

According to Morocco, his experience at Pyle Inn is “pretty fun, pretty wild plus pretty intense”.

Chris Morocco’s career at Vogue

In the very beginning, Morocco has started his career as a production manager at Vogue from May 2004 to June 2010. Just after the completion of his graduation, his life in Vogue moved around like booking models, hair and makeup artists, and stylists for photoshoots. He was never curious about fashion and this becomes the reason that he shifted his profession from fashion and style to culinary and gastronomy arts. He worked for various magazines such as Bon Appetit, Real Simple, and Vogue magazines and because of the amazing skills that he gained after working in these famous magazines, he got wonderful chances in these fields. 

He always wanted to join the food field so after spending six years at Vogue he left this job in 2010 and started attending the French Culinary Institute of Campbell, California. 

Life at Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is an American food and entertainment magazine. The owner of this magazine is Conde Nast and it is headquartered in Manhattan. 

In February 2011, Christopher joined Bon Appetit and he started working there as an Associate Food Editor and that was a wonderful experience of his life there. After spending two years there in July 2013, he left this job too and joined Real Simple as a staff food editor, and here he spent only half a year. After experiencing multiple fields and different magazines Morocco decided to rejoin Bon Appetit as a deputy food editor. Morocco realized that his life is made for cooking and he has done his job as a chef’s finally he continued his career in Bon Appetit. 

Once in an interview regarding his experience at Bon Appetit, he said that “I work in the Test kitchen inventing recipes, dreaming up the best food content, and sorting out what the next big thing in food is”. 

In 2017, his luxurious life at Bon Appetit led his success to another level and he appears in multiple videos of Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel. 

Once the question about Christopher’s private life arises people start asking about his dignity. People started arguments that “Is Chris Morocco gay?”, And “Is he married or single?” in a debate among netizens. Once more, he featured in online conversations once more to raise his voice about describing his involvement with his BIPOC colleagues. 

Bon Appetit’s former Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport’s photograph of wearing brownface once surfaced on Instagram. Chris Morocco talked along with his staff members and highlighted that he condemns all acts of racism. Also, in response to people’s question that “Is Chris Morocco gay?” in a show Morocco commented on preparing food for his wife. He is well known to hide his personal life from the media and that became an issue for the public. 

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Chris Morocco in Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a famous web series on Bon Appetit YouTube channel and in 2019, Chris Morocco became the host of Reverse Engineering. The amazing thing about this web series is that Chris wonderfully recreates an already made dish by only touching, taste and smell. 

The story of Bon Appetit continually changed after a 2013 Instagram post. Like, in June 2020, Bon Appetit’s editor in chief Adam Rapoport resigned and after that in August 2020, several test kitchen stars also left their jobs and the names of these kitchen stars were Alex Delany, Rick Martinez, Christina Chaey, Amiel Stanek, Carla Lalli Music, Molly Baz, Claire Saffitz, Sohla El-Wally, Priya Krishna and Gaby Melian. Now the company remained only three kitchen stars named Brad Leone, Andy Baraghani, and Christopher. 

Just after a few months in October 2020, the company hired new talents and several new kitchen stars joined Bon Appetit. The list of new talents included Harold Villarosa, Tracey Samantha, DeVonn Francis, Claudette Zepeda, Tiana “Tee”, Melissa Miranda, and Christian “Chrissy” Tracey. On Chris Morocco’s Instagram, he wrote about that and declared that he is so excited to re-launch and announce opportunities to work with several talented kitchen stars. 

Chris Morocco’s Success and Net Worth

Chris Morocco is already a very famous personality and people know him as a super chef and Bon Appetit’s super kitchen star. His presence on social media especially on YouTube and Instagram is growing day by day. Also, he has over 510, 000 followers on Instagram. He earned most of his money from Bon Appetite and worked for several magazines too. Chris Morocco’s sponsors include Jono Pandolfi, Campbell’s, and Fitz, and Starts and he publishes his sponsored posts to his huge follower’s list on Instagram. Morocco’s net worth is around $0.5 million.  

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