Drink the Drink That’s Not a Drink

If you’re a seasoned drinker, you’ve probably had that one day where you promised you’d swear off alcohol. Whether it’s due to a nasty hangover or you’re just not really in the mood for it, everyone has their reasons for wanting to beg off the drink.

However, being a seasoned drinker also tells you that it can be tough to swear off alcohol in certain situations. For example, you could find yourself at a party and just find it hard to resist picking up that beer or cocktail. There’s also the situation of feeling left out when your friends are drinking–even if they aren’t forcing you to drink.

With that in mind, what do you do? Do you give in? Or do you just try and pretend you’re enjoying that water or juice you’re having? Well, there’s another way around it. You could also enjoy a non-alcoholic drink–one that’s just like your favorite drink, but without the alcohol! What’s more, these are relatively easy to find! Online stores like boisson.nyc offers these drinks!

A Non-Alcoholic Beverage?

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You might think that a non-alcoholic beverage means any drink that doesn’t have alcohol. So, you’d think this would just be your usual juice, soda, or flat water. While you aren’t necessarily wrong, those aren’t the only things being talked about when you say “non-alcoholic beverages.”

Aside from those “soft drinks,” non-alcoholic beverages are also those typical cocktails and alcoholic drinks you have, just with little to no alcohol in them. If you’re familiar with your coffees, you can consider non-alcoholic beverages equivalent to decaffeinated coffee.

All the Fun, Without the Trouble

With that in mind, you might be wondering why you’d want to have a non-alcoholic drink. Well, there are several reasons why one would choose this drink. For example, you could want the experience of drinking a cocktail but not the hangover it comes with. So, in this case, getting a non-alcoholic version of the cocktail may be the perfect alternative for you.

You could also be allergic to certain types of alcohol. In these instances, if you’d rather not risk hives or any allergic reaction to drinks whose ingredients you aren’t sure of, getting the non-alcoholic version of the drink could be a better option.

From not wanting to get drunk to staving off alcohol, there are several reasons for wanting a non-alcoholic alternative to a drink. Whatever the case, there’s always a perfectly good and acceptable reason for wanting an alternative. Fortunately, non-alcoholic beverages can offer you a great alternative. While some may say it’s not the same, there are a few drinks out there that taste like the real thing, just without the alcohol. So, you still get to enjoy the entire drinking experience without running the risk of a hangover, allergic reaction, or just getting alcohol in your system.

What Kind of Drinks Are There?

Now that you know there are good alternatives to your typical alcoholic beverages, you might wonder what drinks have their non-alcoholic versions. You’d be surprised to know that there is a vast selection of non-alcoholic beverages that are very close to the real thing. Some examples of those are as follows:

Non-Alcoholic Beers

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One of the more non-alcoholic beverages people might be familiar with would be non-alcoholic beers. While many see these as light beers that are essentially flavorless or pale in comparison to their usual beers of choice, they’ve come a long way from those types of drinks.

Nowadays, you can find all sorts of non-alcoholic variants of beers. From your drought beers to pale ales, non-alcoholic beers have evolved into drinks that taste very close to their alcoholic counterparts. Moreover, even famous brands like Guinness and Stella Artois have their own non-alcoholic versions of their signature brews.


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Aside from the non-alcoholic beers, another type of non-alcoholic beverage that many may also be familiar with would be the mocktails. While mocktails are usually known to be for kids, as these are essentially versions of famous cocktails that may have juice substituted for the alcohol, there are also versions of cocktails that are simply dealcoholized.

This would mean that while there isn’t any alcohol in the drink, you don’t get something that tastes like juice. With these types of non-alcoholic cocktails, you still get the taste of that cocktail you want. The only difference is that the alcohol from the drink was removed.

So, if you do get the urge to have a cocktail but don’t want the alcohol, you don’t have to worry about getting a drink that pales in comparison to your favorite cocktail. Instead, you can still get a drink that’s essentially the same as your regular cocktail of choice.


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Whether it’s a miracle of food science or magic, there’s also the existence of non-alcoholic wine. Of course, you might wonder if such a thing exists. Fortunately, there are indeed non-alcoholic wines that you can buy for yourself.

Much like your usual wine of choice, be it a chardonnay or a pinot noir, there are versions of these that do not contain any alcohol. So, for those of you that just can’t help but crave for their favorite aged grapes, you no longer have to worry about getting something that’s essentially grape juice. Instead, you can still enjoy a glass of your favorite red or white–with the same flavor profile and what have you–without the risk of that wine headache and hangover.


There are several reasons why one would want to stave off alcohol. Whether it’s because you’d like to avoid the hangover or you don’t enjoy alcohol the same way anymore, these reasons are all valid. However, sometimes there are situations where you might find it hard to resist having a drink.

Social settings are perfect examples of situations where it might be hard for you to avoid picking up some alcohol–even if your companions are completely fine with you not drinking. Of course, it can still be difficult to resist wanting to enjoy that feeling of having a drink. Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy that drink without having to have a drink.

Enter the non-alcoholic beverage. With the miracle of food research–or magic–to thank, several people can now enjoy non-alcoholic versions of their favorite drink. What’s more, while they don’t have any alcohol, they still taste just like the real thing. That’s definitely an alternative that’ll ensure you don’t feel left out of that little get-together.

So, if you’re craving a drink but don’t want the alcohol, consider getting a non-alcoholic version instead. It’s just as good as the real thing and without the risk of drinking alcohol!