How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Workers’ Compensation?


It is very important to be aware of your rights as a worker, and that also includes the potential injuries that you got during your shift. The common misconception is that it might not apply to people who are not working on some dangerous positions, like contractions sites. However, getting injured by a broken appliance in your office, or hurting yourself while going to work could also apply for worker’s compensation.

In case you got injured or you developed a health issue that is caused by work, the first thing to do is to contact a lawyer experienced in this area to determine the next step. If you need one in New York, visit this website. Determining the right amount that you can receive can be quite complicated, and there are many factors that can affect it. Therefore, this process might require a longer time as well.

What Can Affect the Duration of This Process?

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It depends on how serious is the case and whether both sides agreed on the terms. For example, if a worker is injured and he has proper insurance, the duration can be less than two weeks. The situation is even easier when the company is paying for the insurance as well.

However, things could become more complicated in case that the company was not paying for the right policy, and the value that you can get as part of your compensation is much higher than the policy can cover. Adding a private insurance over that will secure you with much more money. Still, that will lead to a more complicated process that could take months to resolve.

Good Preparation is the Key

The main reason why hiring a professional assistance is crucial is that can make this process faster, and you can secure the right compensation. The first step is to file a report and contact the insurance agency about your claims. Also, you will need to file a process to the officials, and how complex that can be depends on the agreement from the other side.

For example, you could face a situation where your company wants to pay you a much lower amount than the one you are asking. That will lead to a longer process where you will have to collect documents that will prove how serious your injuries are, expenses of medical treatment, and potential long-term health issues.

After you share all the necessary files, the officials will start to investigate the case to see whether your report is accurate and is your claim valid. The period between receiving the documents and investigating the case can last between two weeks and a whole month. There is an option to extend this time as well if one of the sides needs more time to collect evidence.

Your Claims Could Be Denied

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You should not be surprised if you face a situation where your request to receive compensation is denied after your first attempt. There are many reasons for why this might be happening. First of all, the company might try to deny your request because they think that you are not eligible. For instance, if they think that you got injured outside of work, or due to your own fault. They could also try to lower the amount you are requesting.

If you are not satisfied with this decision and you are sure that you have the right to request the specific amount, you can transfer the case to the court. This should always be an option when you are unable to create a proper agreement with an insurance agency and your employer.

Hiring a Good Assistance is the Key

The biggest mistake you could make is to simply agree on some terms provided by an insurance agency or your company since they might use various tricks to lower the amount. Therefore, hiring a professional is always the first thing to do. Also, keep in mind that this process is not the same as a case on the court, and you should always be prepared for a second solution if you are having issues with the payment.

Moreover, there is no need to be afraid of losing the job as well, and a lawyer will help you with that part as well. In case that you get fired after making these claims, and you manage to prove them, you will get an additional compensation as well.

Many details can help you, and your lawyer will help you to collect them. Some of the most important documents are report about the accident, testimonies from witnesses, and reports from the hospital that will prove the expenses of treatment and how serious are your injuries.

When you choose this option, you can significantly lower the time between filing your claims and receiving the compensation. Also, that will help you to avoid attempts from the other side to deny your proposal or lower the requested amount. There are some other complex details to be aware of, such as mental and physical pain, long-term issues, and disabilities.

Good Assistance

Last Words

There are many things that could affect the duration of this process. However, you can complete the main steps in less than two weeks. After that, the agency will check the report and decide whether your request is valid.

However, there are many potential obstacles that could make this process much longer. That is the case in a situation where the agency claims that your request is not valid. That might require an additional process on the court.

When the case is clear, and you have all necessary documents, you can expect the payment in around one month. On the other side, if it is more complicated to prove your case, or the other side is not interested in making the same agreement, you will have to file a lawsuit and collect all documents that will make you compensation claim valid. In the end, it is crucial to know your rights and how important it is for the employer to secure the safety for employees.