Are European Roulette Wheels Different From American?

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While there are numerous games that you can choose on advanced gambling platforms these days, there are some traditional options that will always be the most popular. That is the case with roulette, which is popular for almost 100 years.

One of the best things about this game is related to the probability of winning that can be very high depending on the combination you choose.

For example, pacing chips on even or odd fields, along with colors, will provide you a 50% chance to win, while the amount you can win is double the investment.

There are other options as well, like choosing a third of the fields, and sectors, and playing directly on numbers, which provides the biggest win that is x36.

Another very important thing for those interested in this option is to make sure that they are choosing the right online gambling platform.

The key is to find one that is safe and reliable, but you should also check the additional promo features. If you want to play different games, the best solution is to visit stellarspins.

Furthermore, you have to know that there are two versions of this game, European and American. Some differences could affect your experience if you got used to only one of them.

Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important differences between these two models.

Layout and Number of Fields

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The crucial difference is related to layout. It can lead to issues for those used to one of these versions where they don’t pay enough attention. For example, the European version has 26 and 32 next to the zero on the top of the well, while in the US version, these numbers are 2 and 28, both black fields.

Therefore, you could make a mistake by thinking that you are playing the European version, and simply checking 32 and 26 by thinking that you are playing the small Zero sector, while 32 is part of the orphanelle in this case.

Another crucial difference in layout is that there is an extra field with double zero at the bottom. This is also affecting the chances of hitting colors, while the issue is that the odds of hitting a number remains x36.

Which Option is Better?

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It is not difficult to understand that the European model is a much better choice since you will have a better chance. The difference might appear irrelevant, but that additional double zero is making the difference.

The house edge is also on the side of the European one, with 2,7%, while it is over 5% in the US model. Even when you are hitting colors, you can win more often, and more money while playing Euro version.

Good Strategy is the Key

Even though there is a slight difference in odds, you can win a lot in both cases if you choose the right approach. The key is to create a strategy and have a proper money management approach where you will secure your balance from losing too quickly. It is random and there is no way to predict the results, but certain strategies can help you win more often.

For example, the Big Numbers Theory is saying that with more results there is on a play with two potential outcomes, the percentage will get closer to 50. Therefore, chances are low that you will face longer strikes of both winnings and losing if you are betting on colors. You can use this law in your favor as well.

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First of all, determine the starting value of the coin. Let’s say that it is $2. You will place it on red. If you win, repeat with the same amount. You will again win $2, but the profit is already doubled. On the other side, if the result is black, your next hand should be $4.

If you lose again, decide the next move according to your balance. If you have enough money, the best solution is to keep doubling.

Therefore, if you hit the black field again, repeat the best but raise it to $8 this time. The point is to keep doubling until you hit the red again, the longer the losing strike the bigger amount of money you will win at some moment.

Besides that, you can try with odds and evens as well, which is an even better approach since you won’t have to deal with zero, or double zero in case you are playing the American version.

Another suggestion is to try with sectors. You will need more money for this option, by hitting a number gives you a much higher win as well. When it comes to the most popular version, there are sectors like Big and Small Series and Orphanelle.

However, you can choose to limit some sectors to only 4 or 5 numbers. Most professionals are choosing this option.

You can choose a favorite as well. This is a great approach. When you choose a sector that has 8 numbers, you can place more chips in the middle on one or two fields, less money on the fields next to them, and cover the sides by the amount that will be enough to recover you from losses.

If you have more money, you can invest more in small series, and then cover fields 1 and 6 with enough money that hitting them will recover the whole hand.

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Last Words

The main reason why learning more about these differences is important is in case you already have experience in some of these two models. Not being aware that you are playing the wrong version can lead to losing a lot of money.

When it comes to other details, we have to mention that chances are slightly better for the European version.

In the end, no matter which one of these models you choose, the key is to have a good approach to choosing the right coin size for each following bet.

Those who are interested in a more secure solution should play on colors, while people who want to rely on luck and try to catch some big win should choose direct fields instead.