4 Blackjack Betting Strategies for Newbie Gamblers

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These days gambling has become easier than ever. Thanks to the rise of online casinos we can play from the warmth of our homes. Most people now do it this way. The need to visit land-based casinos is almost non-existent. How have you tried any of these establishments? If not, the time is right now. The one issue that comes with web-based casinos is that people go straight to playing. This is not the right approach. You need to learn a little bit about the games, and rules, and make a strategy if needed.

One of the most popular games out there is blackjack. This form of entertainment has been around for ages, and most people are acquainted with it. This is where the main issue lies. All of us assume that blackjack is easy and that playing it is no fuss. This is not precisely the truth. Yes, it has a set of rules that are easy to understand, but knowing the rules doesn’t make you an experienced player. Those who are just starting to play this game need more help than they think. But, where to find that help?

This is the easy answer. We are going to help you. It’s just like that scene in Game of Thrones when Oberyn Martell tells Tyrion Lannister that he’s going to be his champion. Yes, you can now release a sigh of relief. We are going to be the ones to give you the four blackjack betting strategies for newbie gamblers. Being a new player doesn’t mean you should lose all the time. No, it does not. But, also don’t think that these strategies are bulletproof and that they guarantee success. Nothing in life is like that, 100% sure, besides death, taxes, and Tom Brady making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Winning in Blackjack can’t be guaranteed just like in any other card game. Yes, there’s a possibility that you can count cards, and predict the next one coming out, but that would require massive risk regarding your relationship with the casino, or that you’re some MIT genius. Of course, online casinos are like girlfriends, they want loyalty, fidelity, trust, and of course, no cheating. If you’re going to be like that we can help you. In the mid-time, please read our article, but after that, you’re free to test your luck at https://www.wolfwinner.com/en/

Play at Suitable Tables

Avoid Insurance
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Blackjack is a popular game. Did you know that? If not, you have been living under a rock. What this means is that there are numerous blackjack tables at any given casino. The first approach that could push you towards winning is the one where you need to pick the right table. When it comes to picking the ideal one, you need to have one thing in mind – the bankroll. When you’re a new player, your bankroll is going to be low. Do not enter a casino with large amounts of money when you’re on a rookie contract. It is the golden rule of NFL and life in general. Start with the tables that offer minimum stakes. This way, even if you lose, you’ll hone your skill with minimum losses. Also, it is possible to find casinos that will offer you a few free hands, which is another great way to sharpen your tools.

Avoid Insurance

Once you start playing this game on a more frequent basis terms such as insurance will become known to you. This is where a rookie like yourself can make a mistake. Of course, the early days of playing blackjack are made for mistakes. We’re going to assume no card counting on your part is possible. So, what happens when the dealer has blackjack? Nothing. What you should avoid doing in these situations is making another bet with new money. Most people do this when they first start playing when they assume that the dealer has a perfect combination. At every moment the house has the edge, and with this game, it is set at 6%. We’re talking about the situation when there’s a possibility of making an insurance bet. The insurance bet is betting on yourself to win a blackjack too. You shouldn’t make this bet as you’ll only win what you already had on the table. There’s no winning or losing in this situation. It is the time when you opt for a push.

Use an Established System

Of course, if you start learning a bit about this game devising a system or using one of the existing ones should become a norm. blackjack is known as a game that had some very nice strategies already devised. The one that you as a newbie should use is called the Martingale system. If you become adept in this one, it should be possible to both win and have fun playing. This one is applied by doubling your bets after each loss. So, when you lose an initial bet, the next one should be doubled as a means of precaution. Yes, you could call this strategy risky, and it is devised for more aggressive players, but one a limited bankroll it might just be what you need. The one catch is that you mustn’t top midway if you opt for the Martingale system.

Double Down

Double Down
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This is a great rule that exists in most casinos when you play this game. In the end, every casino game is about reducing the house edge as much as you can. With blackjack, you can do it by doubling down. Most houses allow the player to double down when there are 10 or 11 at stake. The better ones will allow you to double down on any two given cards. So, there’s a strategy to be applied here. If you can double down whenever you feel insecure about a hand, you can mitigate the house edge to your advantage. If you’re not sure how or when to double down, the best approach is to do it when your card is an ace, but the dealer has a six. This is not a strategy that many people use as it can backfire if the dealer has a five for example but you’re standing at 19 or 20. Anyway, it’s worth a shot, especially if you’re new to the world of blackjack.