How to Pull Off a Successful Bluff in Online Poker

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The world of gambling has existed for centuries before the online variants started pouring in and changing the game. Rarely does something exist for so long and remains relevant, let alone become more popular than ever ages after it has first gained prominence in society.

When it comes to entertainment, it is safe to say that it will always be a very important part of our lives. People need to have fun and escape the harsh reality that typically comes full of expectations and obligations at every corner.

So what better way to do so and enjoy life than finding the activity that suits your lifestyle just right and makes you look forward to each and every new day?

The Rise of Online Gambling

Online Gambling
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For some people in the modern world, these activities and hobbies revolve around video games. Others like to watch movies, TV shows, or YouTube videos. Then there are those who prefer staying active and who are always on the move. Various skills can be the escape we need, art, or even helping others.

However, now more than ever, it is online gambling that has proven to be arguably the fastest-growing form of fun that people make use of. Web-based casinos have taken over the industry and they managed to position themselves as the go-to way for the gamblers to play their favorite games.

No longer does a gambler need to go to their local casino to have fun. All it takes is for them to hop online and in a few clicks find the game they like. In reality, casino-style games have always been closely related to the video game industry and the IT sector.

From the earliest days of the internet, some of the first games that were developed made use of the already established formulas that the classic gambling games bring to the table (pun intended). The absolute legends like roulette, slot machines, and most of all poker were quickly adapted and became video games.

Fast forward to 2024 and gambling through the use of computers and mobile phones is basically the most efficient way to do things. But is it actually the same as gambling offline, in the real world. Is everything better or are there perhaps some drawbacks of the virtual world?

Well in this article we talk about this very topic and attempt to bring it closer to you. We will be talking about whether it is possible to bluff in online poker and if so, how.

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Bluffing in Online Poker

Bluffing in Online Poker
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Considering the fact that bluffing is practically a skill that depends on other players being able to physically see you, it may seem like it is reserved specifically for the traditional poker tables where people sit and play.

This would mean that the online variety of poker cannot have bluffing as a part of it the same way regular poker does. But is this really the case and can there still be bluffing involved if you cannot see the other players?

Well, the answer is both yes and no, meaning a closer look into this is necessary. For starters, it needs to be a game of live online poker where you actually play against other players and not the algorithm. Many poker variants pit you against the computer and there are no actual players to compete with.

However, with live tables, others like you come to play and you face real players who are on the other side of the screen. So can you bluff in such an instance?

The answer is yes, but you have to know what to do. In order to bluff when playing online and not being able to see other players, you have to know what to do in order to force other players out of a big pot.

Your moves have to be natural and not appear overly aggressive or without much sense. As long as you are doing it right, any move you make can be a bluff because nobody can actually confirm whether it is true or not. Some of the tactics most players reach include special moves and bets, so consider the following the next time you want to bluff in online poker.

What to Do

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If you want to try and pull a bluff, you must already have an idea of who the players are. Picking up on their behavior and tendencies is important and you must do it before you start bluffing. If the table is rich in passive players who fold, it is easier to bluff.

If everyone is aggressive, it will be more difficult. What is more, the fewer players there are the easier it is to bluff. Isolating one or two of the easier targets is ideal since it is incredibly difficult to do it with more players.

The continuation bet, also known as the c-bet, is a useful tactic for bluffing in online poker scenarios. It is the opening bet on the flop, following a raised pre-flop. It does not matter what your hand really is as it often goes past the opponents who missed the flop.

Although the pots are small in these situations, accumulating c-bets can add many chips to your name and turn the tide in your favor down the line.

The false tell is another great tactic to use when you want to evaluate the mind and the hand of your opponents. In live tables, arguably the best bluff that you can pull is giving off a false tell to players who are perceptive. Simply agonizing over a decision, waiting for the clock to almost run out entirely before you raise, or table talking…

All of these can act as false tells. Basically, what you want is for the opponent to think that your hand is semi-strong when it is not and that you have to think longer rand harder about your move.

Perhaps the most important thing is to stay consistent during a hand. You do not have to check a flop and turn, and then bet strongly to steal a pot. Strong opponents can sniff out a bluff from a mile away and this will not come to pass. Getting attached to bluffs gets you nowhere. Let go of the hand if the opponent is not buying.