First American Home Warranty First Class Upgrade


Whether you buy a new home or a home that is not really new, you must lookout for a home warranty. Surely, you must be wondering why? A home warranty will offer you service plans to help you maintain and protect your home against certain defects. But is it necessary to opt for a home warranty? Yes, it definitely is. You can select the First American Home Warranty services. 

If you are unsure, you can check the First American Home Warranty reviews and make your decision. With the help of the First American Home Warranty services, you can secure your home against high-priced and unforeseen repairs. Read further to know all about their services and First Class Upgrade. Before that, learn what First American Home Warranty is all about.

What is the First American Home Warranty?

First American Home Warranty entered into the home warranty industry in 1984.  The company is also called First American Home Buyers Protection. The headquarters of the First American Home Warranty is situated in Santa Rosa, California. At present, the company functions in 35 states. Additionally, they are the winners of the Annual Home Warranty Editor’s Choice Award 2017. 

What’s more, they have been nominated many times each year. If you select First American Home Warranty for your home repairs and protection, you will avail of unlimited service calls for more than a year. Their home warranty plans start from 28 dollars, and they will also cover buildings and improper installation repairs. 

When they participate in a Complaint Resolution program, they will see that all your concerns or complaints are resolved. On the downside, they provide limited coverage caps for a few items. Well, that’s all about First American Home Warranty as a company.

What are the First American Home Warranty plans?

Like any other home warranty service, First American Home Warranty has two plans. They are basic plans and premier plans. Even if you are a home buyer or a home seller, you can avail of these plans along with optional add-ons and the First Class Upgrade option. 

So, if you select the basic plan, it will be within your budget and protect a variety of appliances. But in case you would prefer a First Class Upgrade option, you can certainly lookout for the premier plan that will cover all items from the basic plan and more.

What does the First American Home Warranty cover in their First Class Upgrade or Premier plan?

The basic plan begins at 33 dollars, whereas the premier plan begins at 45 dollars per month. Also, you will have to pay 85 dollars per visit as a service fee. 

So, for your First Class Upgrade and premier plan, the company covers dishwasher, kitchen refrigerator, plumbing, and its stoppages, water heater, heating, ductwork, garage door opener, central vacuum system, electrical, clothes washer and dryer, trash compactor, garbage disposal, and oven or range or cooktop. Additionally, with a First Class Upgrade, you can be assured that the company will pay for the utilization of cranes during the refrigerant disposal, hauling away, installation, and correction of code violations. 

Also, parts and components like grills, window units, and so on, which may not be a part of some other plan, will be available with the First Class Upgrade. Moreover, you can get your money back after 30 days of the policy coming into effect. Now, you can check the First American Home Warranty reviews and settle upon a decision immediately since you know all about the First American Home Warranty and their First Class Upgrade plans.