How Do You Grow Social Media Accounts Organically?


Today, all brands and companies are present on multiple social media platforms. If you don’t have social media accounts you practically don’t exist. So it is not something to consider, it is must! However, you need to carefully choose the space where you will advertise as a brand. This is the first step in achieving the desired goal. Whether you are collaborating with very influential people, trying to compete with the competition, your focus should always be an honest relationship with your customers. You will succeed if you offer them relevant content. Then the organic growth will be much higher. Get ready to think outside the box if you want to connect with your audience. If you are not sure where to start, we have a few suggestions for you.

Choice of advertising platform

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Don’t forget that every social media platform is different, because it describes the content that appears on it in a different way. If you want to increase organic reach on social networks, get acquainted with the algorithms of each social media platform. Learn how they work, because this algorithm will determine how the content is presented to your audience. You need a platform that is easy to use, provides flexibility for both direct campaigns and other ways to monetize, serves ads quickly, and can’t stop them from losing money.

The two primary goals for which internet advertising platforms are used and for which the use of sponsored ads is currently so developed are to increase brand awareness, business system or to have direct effects on the sale of products / services. Think carefully before you decide on a particular platform and adopt. Whatever platform you choose for your future business activities, it is very important that you are well educated in advance about the advantages, disadvantages and its settings / rules.

Creating good content

Quality content is the foundation of good marketing. So think carefully about the design and its elements such as colors, titles, animation, etc. Think of popular topics to attract as many visitors as possible. The most important thing is to recognize the difference between a visually well-arranged account and an average account. A good visually designed solution is not enough. It needs to be upgraded. That way you will have a whole that will make your account beautiful and useful. Infinite text without visual interaction with the visitor will not interest anyone. Without attractive photos, no one will enjoy spending time on your account. Remember that when creating an online store or anything else, you are not creating content for yourself. It exists to meet the needs of your audience, because you have to convince them that they need exactly what you offer them. Only then will they buy something from you or use your services.

Audience analysis

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Audience analysis is part of marketing research. Once you gain this knowledge, you can use it to convince potential and existing customers that buying from you is in their best interest. Strong competition, many content sources and different content give less and less room for error. For each product or service, you need to determine which audience is the best, how these people get information about new products, how they react to different forms of advertising, where they buy, and who your competitors are. Don’t forget that every effort is expensive, and it represents an absolute cost if it is aimed at the wrong people. This process involves demographic analysis based on the analysis of certain demographic categories.

These are age, gender and geographical location. Such information is very important for Instagram reach, but it also has some limitations. However, the analysis cannot show you the thoughts and feelings of the audience or their reaction to your content that you offer. Unfortunately, you also need other analyzes that will show the general behavior of consumers, while demographic analysis will provide you with a framework for understanding the audience.

That way, you will see all their needs from the right angle. We can classify needs into physiological, security, social, reputation and respect needs and self-esteem needs. Thanks to this information, you can convince your audience that they want or need what you offer.

Cooperation with influencers

Influensers are mostly on Instagram and Tiktok, less on YouTube, and almost never on Facebook. There has been a big change in the world of marketing because users have more confidence in two-way communication based on shared discovery. Users prefer a recommendation from friends, family and influencers they actively follow. Therefore, it is recommended to cooperate with these influential people on social networks.

They have their own group of followers numbering in the millions. However, not everyone has that many followers and that is why there are micro-influencers. Compared to macro-influencers, they are much cheaper, but the audience trusts them more. The best tactic is to use the services of multiple micro-influencers, because that way you will really determine what best suits your brand. You can think of micro influencers as local influencers. They think more about the relevance of the content than about personal fame. You can check different types of influencers and vloggers at

Competition monitoring

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The best way to reach an audience is to beat the competition. If you want to achieve such results, try to follow their every step. This includes their finances, marketing strategies and information about their consumers. Learn all about the content they share, the leaders they interact with, and which social platforms they use most of the time. The most important thing is to get important information about their followers.

That way, you won’t have to test certain strategic moves within your business, because based on the example of a competitor, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t. To conduct the most in-depth analysis, invest in social listening tools.


Growing social media accounts often seems like an unattainable goal, but there are many ways to organically increase your reach on social media. A well-designed combination of marketing strategies will serve you for this purpose.