How to Get the Most from the Fruits to Remain Healthy


There is a famous saying that how you do is more significant than what you do? This theory is applied in our lives as well. Take the example of the food you eat, no matter how nutritious your food is, but if its nutrients are not absorbed by the body, it’s useless. This is because we eat food to run the body, if we do not receive proper nutrients despite eating good food, then that food must be checked.

Similarly, fruits too must be taken in a certain manner to produce maximum results and remain healthy. Fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and roughage. One should eat anyone fruit every day to make sure his/her gut is healthy. This is the reason it is said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In childhood, we paid no heed to such quotations but today we feel what it meant.

Fruits of any season or category have the same purpose of keeping the gut healthy. For those suffering from constipation and other bowel-related problems eating food will surely help a lot. Even in your sex life, where you need a lot of stamina, food provide instant energy to help your partner experience orgasm. Men suffering from tend to find the solution in Fildena 100, Vidalista 20 or Cenforce 200 tablets, but why go for chemical solutions when the natural method is available.

Benefits of fruits

Well, who on the earth does not know the benefits of eating fruit? Benefits are endless with no side effects because fruits are natural items. This makes it a favourite sports-persons drink which is also masses favourite.

Fruits help in losing weight, boosting metabolism and increasing the dopamine secretion that ensures good food. Fruits also contain a large quantity of water which keeps the person hydrated. If you live in a place where the temperature is mostly high all the time, eat food that have a high content of water to preventing from over-exhaustion.

Sex life improved

One can say that how doing sex is related to eating food. Fruits being one of the easiest available items in the market are eaten by everyone. Someone may like guava, banana, mango or watermelons and vice-versa. If you are facing any difficulty in sex life such as lack of erection or less sex drive, food will surely help. The quality and quantity of semen also improve if proper care is given to your health.

No heatstroke

In mid-summer in northern India is a tedious task. Warm winds such as ‘Loo’ blow in the atmosphere that often takes lives as well. To face such heat waves, one must be highly hydrated to prevent the loss of salts from the body.

Cucumber, orange and watermelon are some of the fruits that increase water levels in the body. It’s better to prevent dehydration rather than eat any tablets. Heat strokes are annually responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Happy Gut

The most effective benefit of consuming fruits is to ensure a good stomach with no complications. People today eat frozen meat, vegetables and whatnot. So, what do you expect that everything will be okay? No. If someone eats fresh meat and vegetables, he/she will cent per cent absorb the nutrients as compared to frozen meat.

Keeping your gut happy is not an easy thing. Experts always consider the gut as the second brain. Its happiness is spread all across the body and so during times of grief. Doctors advise patients to eat large amounts of fruit during constipation and at times Cenforce 150, Vidalista 20 or Cenforce 200 too. Fruits are rich in dietary fibre which is a roughage aids in the easy passage of stool to the anus.

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How to take most of the fruits?

  • Fruit must be taken alone. Mixing of fruits should not be done. At a time eat any one fruit, if you are eating papaya, eat papaya alone, then go for other foods. Hence, fruit salad must be the last dish on your menu.
  • As per Ayurveda, the fruit must not be taken along with any other eatable or instantly after a meal. Improper way of consuming fruits can lead to fermentation of the fruit inside the body causing diarrhoea and stomach pain.
  • Raw fruits must be taken instead of making juice out of it. The skin of the fruits is a rich source of fibre that helps in digestion and does not let stool accumulate in the body.
  • Fruits should be eaten on empty stomach. Ayurveda tells us that as the day passes the energy absorbed from food decreases. So, the best time is to start your day with fruits.


Not everybody can afford expensive green tea to detox the body. But food is eatables that more or less everyone can afford. To remain healthy both from body and mind fruits are necessary. Saints said that we should eat those food items that are easy to be digested and put less pressure on the body for assimilation. In the list of such foods, fruits come at the top.