How To Make The Most Out Of E-books – Best Reading Apps On The Internet

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, most of our habits and hobbies are shifting towards digital platforms. The internet has made everything so much more convenient, quick and safer during these times of the widespread virus.

While e-books and online reading are now an old trend and have been around for a long time, it can be difficult to find the best, most suitable reading app for yourself. Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, you will always have a long list of options to choose from.

Here are some of the best reading apps, so you can get through the pandemic without getting bored out of your mind.

Apps For Reading Books On The Internet

1. Bookly

Reading books online can be a problematic habit if you overdo it. There must be some check and balance so that you can monitor your usage and read without hurting your eyes. This is why Bookly is such a marvelous app.

It tracks your reading time, how many pages you have read, pages you skimmed through, and has an incredible recommendation system. The app is more than just about reading books and has very significant insights to keep readers hooked on the books. It shows a reader’s average speed of reading a book, speed per page, and also helps in counting the time required to complete the whole book based on these metrics. These factors can help decide whether or not a reader wants to continue or read or not.

The app is highly recommended for people who are trying to develop reading as a new habit. It does this by letting a user set reading goals and daily goals as well. With your own account, you can use these goals and little progressions you make to take a quick look at how your reading habit has changed.

2. Audible

Many of us were very keen readers before when we would read thick novels in just a matter of a few days. However, with our busy schedules and now with work from home duties, reading books completely can be difficult. Plus, mobile screens can also put a lot of strain on your eyes.

To avoid that, you can make use of the Audible app. It has a huge library of audiobooks where you can play and hear most of your favorite books. You can buy paid versions, or download free books and hear these audios anywhere and anytime! Amazon has now acquired the app, so other than old content it also has a bunch of new and original content in the library.

With the app, you will have to buy a subscription and can download many books with it. Other than audiobooks, the subscription can also give you access to a bunch of documentaries and other audio content that is entirely original and new.

Lastly, the app has an integration with the Apple watch. So, if you are an Apple watch user, you can sync books and content on the watch and listen to the audios without using your mobile or tablet. Of course, you will need a good internet connection for this as without it you won’t be able to stream audios unless you have them downloaded already. For this reason, you must invest in a good Wi-Fi and mobile data package from buytvinternetphone.

3. Kindle

Kindle is of course one of the best apps for e-reading. It is already quite famous and doesn’t need much description considering its popularity. The app is the most customizable e-reading platform you will find on the internet. There are a bunch of categories you can find on the Amazon Kindle to help you shortlist the books you want to read. You would not have to buy the whole subscription if it costs too much, and just buy whatever book you are interested in reading. You just need an Amazon account to purchase the books.

Plus, if you wish to take up e-reading as a long-term habit, you can also invest in the Kindle device so that all your reading collection and resources are in one place. There are many perks and benefits you will get from your Amazon membership as well. Therefore, Kindle has many cost and convenience benefits.

4. Wattpad

Wattpad has come a long way and has built itself a community of readers and writers coming together to encourage original work. It has a web and a mobile app version too. The app also gives you offline access to your books, with some of the books in the library being entirely free to access! The app lets readers share reviews and comments on the stories, while you can share your own work on the platform too! The best part is that if you are using Wattpad on various devices, you can sync the app on all and pick it up from where you left without much hassle. It is the best app for iOS devices due to the convenient interface.

While readers and writers both can enjoy the app, Wattpad also has a very interesting feature. You can pick a niche you are interested in, and then use this niche to connect with inner circles of the same interests. This is why most people consider Wattpad a community more than just a reading app.


You will need a stable internet connection at home to get through the pandemic and its challenges. Even for streaming audiobooks or downloading your favorite e-book online, a good internet package is a must-have. Don’t delay and compromise on your experience, and buy a Mediacom internet package to help you get through the difficult times. Pick up the new hobby of reading on your digital devices, so you can use the devices more productively.