5 Industry Tips to Improve Your Roulette Play

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Roulette is regarded as one of the most exciting casino games available. This is largely thanks to the noise and hype surrounding a roulette table at a brick-and-mortar casino. Unsurprisingly, the spinning wheel and racing roulette ball are naturally thrilling—no other casino game involves the same degree of dynamism, after all…

In reality, roulette has a long and intriguing history. The roulette wheel itself was originally the brainchild of a scientist-philosopher born in Rouen, France back in the early 1600s. At the time, Blaise Pascal was on a mission to create a perpetual motion machine based on the emerging laws of physics.

He failed—but in doing so, introduced France to the spinning wheel. Within one century, Pascal’s failed experiment became the stomping ground of gamers. Roulette was soon born, and the game didn’t part entirely from its origins as an experiment in physics. Today, roulette involves plenty of probabilities.

For example, systems like the Martingale, Reverse-Martingale, and D’Alembert systems all seek to outline an approach to the game that is based on probability and staking bets. The idea is to maximize winnings while also minimizing the risk of a loss. Other guides, like those from PokerNews, approach roulette from multiple angles to explore how the game works, how variations differ, and where a beginner might feel most comfortable starting out. But if you want to learn how to win at roulette, there’s a lot more that you’ll have to consider. Start with these five tips, collected from top players and industry professionals.

Look for Tables with Less Noise (or None at All)

Look for Tables with Less Noise or None at All
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As mentioned above, the roulette table is one of the loudest and most exciting areas on the casino floor. That’s great for anyone who wants to game casually and have fun with their group—but it can spell disaster for players who actually want to concentrate on the game and apply some of their strategies.

Whether you’re new to roulette or a seasoned vet, you’re going to need to pay attention to the table, each turn’s outcome, and more. To do this, avoid any tables on the casino floor that look rowdy and uncentered, as it will only distract you.

You can also consider playing roulette online. In a closed environment, it’s much easier to see how the game unfolds—and even take notes, if so inclined. (Plus, playing from a couch at home is a bit more convenient and comfortable.)

Know the Basics of Strategies

Know the Basics of Strategies
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From the James Bond strategy to the Constant Bet strategy to the age-old Martingale system, there’s no shortage of approaches to roulette. Each player has to decide which system works best for them, which is also based on your bankroll.

Regardless of what you choose, cast a wide net in order to learn more about roulette strategies. Who knows which information will prove most helpful? A few lesser-known approaches might also prove helpful, so don’t be afraid to do some research.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence, which progresses by adding the sum of the previous two numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on). The strategy should be applied on even numbers, which gives the player a 50% chance of winning. Wait for your first win before moving on to the next number, then increase your stakes by two.

Practice for Free

Practice for Free 1
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There’s a time when you’re going to want to put your roulette knowledge to the test. But there are also plenty of times when players simply want to test out a new strategy. In the case of the latter, it’s much more efficient to practice roulette via a free online site.

Given the popularity of the game (and online casinos in general), there’s no shortage of platforms that offer free roulette. If you’re new to the online casino space, then stick to trusted names. Chumba Casino, for example, is a leading online option that offers free games.

Not only do leading online casinos have the best platforms in the game (and, usually, mobile apps too), but they also prioritize free options for players. That’s because they understand that gaming isn’t always about staking a large bet but instead putting hard-earned knowledge and skills to the test.

Choose European Roulette—not American

Choose European Roulette—not American 1
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European roulette and American roulette differ in that the numbers are ordered differently on the wheel. The American variation has an extra slot for the ‘0’ and a ‘00’, which means there’s one extra slot. This extra slot lengthens the odds of a win.

Roulette wins are always paid out at a ratio of 35-1, but because the American wheel has an extra slot, there’s only a 1-in-38 chance of winning versus a 1-in-37 on the European wheel. Whenever possible, stick to European roulette.

Always Look for Suitable Table Limits

Whether you’re a high roller or just starting out, you need to land on your ideal table limit. Not only does this help you create a suitable strategy, but it also prevents you from sitting down at the wrong table—where a minimum bet might be $5 instead of $1.

As with any type of gaming, always start small. This is a great time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that high roller roulette is available at plenty of trusted online roulette sites and at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Bonus Tip #6: Consider Focusing on Outside Bets

Consider Focusing on Outside Bets
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As outlined by all the tips above, there’s no surefire way to win at roulette. The best players tend to draw on their own experience, combined with a knowledge of table limits and betting strategies. One of those strategies is to focus on outside bets.

Many believe that focusing on the outside bets is one way to lessen the risk of a loss (and, therefore, improve the likelihood of a win). Inside bets are those placed on the number board, while an outside bet is a more general bet that’s placed on an outcome like 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, 3rd dozen, even, odds, black, red, and numbers 1-18 or 19-36. By betting on outside bets, a player will increase their chance of scoring a win. Keep in mind that they’ll also be paid out at a lower rate (1-1 versus 1-35) than an inside bet.