Desperate Times Require Great Measure: Is Maxwell Drever’s Affordable Housing Concept Helpful?

Maxwell Drever

Entire neighborhoods around us are being swept into concentrated poverty, causing immediate problems for individuals and more significant problems down the line. This is a problem that Maxwell Drever, an affordable housing specialist, has been working to solve since 2001. In 2014 he introduced the Affordable Housing Concept that is now being used to revitalize the entire blocks around various neighborhoods of the United States. 

Fundamentals of Hotel Conversion

At its most basic level, the concept of Maxwell Drever is a mix of community service and affordable living. The idea goes with using public tools and internet tools to target areas where hotels or other huge premises are going out of business. Such buildings are mostly offered at a lower price, thus making the entire project cost-efficient. The next step involves locking the deal with the owners and starting the remodeling project. These newly developed homes are then sold to the economy below-average class people. The short-term effects of the concept have allowed for the creation of community gardens and a higher level of homeownership.

What Is the Main Goal Behind It?

The idea behind the affordable housing concept is rooted in economic necessity. As Maxwell Drever explains, Detroiters are “living on the edge, so they’re trying to help create a stable environment.” The implementation of this program has been successful so far, but it still faces some challenges. Two main issues that have arisen from this program are crime and gentrification. Since no one can afford to live within their means, crime in the area has increased, leading to several deaths and more significant civil unrest. 

Why Is It Becoming Difficult?

In addition, the implementation of this program is becoming more difficult due to the growing rate of gentrification. As new businesses move into the city, housing prices increase, and poor people are being pushed out. With the number of homeless people rising sharply with each day bypassing, it is difficult to meet these demands. With thousands of projects underway, a great mass of such homeless people is offered a roof over their heads. Still, a vast development is required. 

Different Steps Involved In Hotel Conversion

The program involves several steps. In the first step, an organization has to locate a building with a list of potential buyers in the area. Potential buyers need to submit their applications and make deposits until they move into the building. It is a must for them to go through credit checks and criminal background checks before their names are added to the list of buyers. This buyer must then set aside a minimum amount as a down payment and complete one month’s worth of rent upfront as well. These steps can help get maximum income if there is enough demand for apartments or homes.

Maxwell Drever’s affordable housing concept has been one of the most successful. Its implementation and success have shown that this concept can work just as fine. This will keep everyone safe and secure while giving everyone the chance to live a dignified life.

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