Is Natural Medicine as Effective as Synthetic – 2024 Guide


It looks like we’re in for a debate. It’s possible, why not? We are up for it. This is a subject as old as modern medicine. As the new ways of treating illnesses, wounds, and sickness came to be, the old natural methods were slowly put on shelves, but were not forgotten.

It’s good that things are like this because we wouldn’t have a debate if things were different. We could even argue that this is a subject that everyone has an opinion about.

This is fine too.

It’s fine because we are just about to spill our own in the text below. We have the freedom to do so, and what’s even better we are going to substantiate our talk with a couple of facts. Of course, we are also going to touch on the common beliefs which are rather interesting in this domain. This is nothing new, as it is well known that fans of natural medicine can be stubborn. But, we’re not here to have sides or to have you pick one but to give you an honest, and subjective answer to the question is natural medicine as effective as synthetic?

As we said, the opinions can differ on this subject so we hope that our 2024 guide will be acceptable to all sides. Before we start, let’s just say that compiling this article we quite fun considering that the subject is rather touchy and that it touches on some beliefs old a few centuries. Of course, some time ago, natural remedies were the only kind, and some of the old ways stuck to this day. But, how much effect do they have, and how do they fare compared to modern pharmaceutical solutions? Let’s answer this in a bit more detail. It’s below.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Natural vs. Synthetic

Let’s start by saying that there’s a difference. Of course, there is. The first thing is the most important one. Synthetic drugs are like a target man in soccer. They know their job and are intended to focus on a particular disease or set of illnesses. On the other hand, we have natural or herbal medicine which attacks a broader spectrum. It is rare that it solves only one issue without adding additional psychological effects to curing any disease. But, at the same time, there are herbal medicines that can have the same effects as pharmaceutical medicines.

While this is sometimes the case, usually the situation is a bit different. Herbs or natural ways are intended for healing purposes. Their effect is real as it can get, but their influence on sickness or illness is a rather gentle one. Some modern viruses can’t be cured by natural medicine as they do not possess enough strength to handle them. Also, another factor that needs to be counted in is the fact that usually, you know how some of the over-the-counter medicines function, while others are going to be prescribed to you by a doctor.

When it comes to natural remedies, the instructions often remain unclear. His can often lead to mistreatment. People who suggest and recommend herbal and natural medicine often do not identify the plants correctly, or when they do, they create a mix-up with the preparation, and in the end, they never know which is the right way to administer a natural remedy.

natural medicine

This article is not created to bash natural medicine by no means. All that you need to do is to pay attention that you always work with professionals in this domain. Ensure that the one giving you the herbal cure know what’s he doing. While the practice of herbal medicine has been around for centuries, when it comes to its depth the experts are rare. On the other hand, synthetic medicines have been thoroughly tested by doctors and scientists and in essence, we know a lot more about them. Because of this, we tend to trust them more.

Every pack of synthetic medicines comes with a clear explanation of what it is and what type of effect is going to have on our bodies and mind. They follow a standard of production and administration which is not present with natural medicines. This is a shame as more could have been done in this department. In some parts of the world, there’s more supervision over the production of herbal medicines but nothing that comes close to the pharmaceutical industry. We can say that this is a shame as some secrets of this type of medicine probably were lost or forgotten with time, and we do not possess the tools or expertise to use some of them today.

Is It Clear Win For Synthetic Medicines?

Is It Clear Win For Synthetic Medicines

No, it is not. While you can see that the advantage is clearly on the side of synthetic medicines, the good old natural way shouldn’t be neglected. In some instances, it should be your first choice, and in some, it might be your only. But, you need to know when and where. Today, we have hemp seeds used for medical purposes which can be seen as a natural and only remedy in some cases, but here we are not talking only about it. One of the conditions that are best approached the natural way is chronic pain. Hemp seeds might be the best way to handle it, and there’s no synthetic medicine that can compensate for it yet. We’re not the only ones who think so, as good people from agree with us.

The list of natural remedies doesn’t stop with CBD oils, hemp seeds, or straight-out marijuana. It only starts there, or we’re better off saying this method is somewhere in the middle. Other ways that you can stay healthy the natural way include simple things such as eating healthy and having a nature-oriented diet. This is the simplest solution. In other ways, you can keep both your body and mind sharp by practicing eastern methods of approaching life such as yoga or a more modern German approach called Pilates. Either way, you should always do what you deem as a better option for your body and soul. This decision is solely yours.