How to Plan a Realistic Budget for Your Condo Renovation?


Renovation is a phase of life that represents a new beginning. Whether it’s moving into a new apartment or renovating an existing home, that’s great news. Your home will be more beautiful, better, and your life better. Creating your own home, where the most beautiful memories are created, is one of the most important items in the life of each of us.

However, it is not uncommon for headaches, nervousness, and insecurity to arrive during this period. You suddenly have a lot of questions in your head and you are no longer sure when to hire, how much budget you have, etc. That’s really a lot of questions, and the task isn’t easy when you don’t have any experience at all. So we will help you plan a realistic budget for the renovation of your home.

How Much Budget to Set Aside for a Renovation?


If you are planning to renovate a house soon, you should set aside approximately 20% of the renovation costs now. Before that, it is desirable to consult with your contractor, create a realistic budget and take into account unforeseen situations. A good plan first includes a detailed list of all the changes you want to make to your new living space, as well as inquiring about market prices regarding the works you are interested in. It is not the same if you are taking care just of a condo or if balcony is included to, which will impose additional expenses. If you are planning to include balcony as well, check for additional information. The first thing you should do is determine the budget range. Anyone who has had experience in home renovations and similar projects knows that you can never accurately determine all financial expenses.

However, you can always determine how much money you have and how much you can spend on work. It helps if you make a list of desired works and check the movement of women in the market. Once you know what the market is like, you can finally make a list of priorities. If you realize that you do not have enough money for all the work, check which works fit into your budget, and which you will have to postpone for another occasion. Don’t forget that there are works that you can finish on your own or with the help of friends and family.


Starting planning involves determining needs and goals. Before you do that, think carefully about the needs of your family or just your needs if you live alone. Based on that, you will understand which functions belong to your space and what you actually want to achieve. This will determine your daily rhythm and daily obligations. If you do not live alone, have a long conversation with your family. Go through all the details, talk about the things that bother you, as well as the ones that you can’t function without.

Put it all down on paper and think about those items. This is a crucial step and you will be grateful to yourself if you handle it well. In most cases, the foundation of the home will be the one that will dictate and determine the layout of the room, but a lot can be a matter of your decision. Once you have thought about the needs and defined the functions of the space based on them, move on to concrete planning and drawing. You can do this yourself, if you think you are skilled enough.

Selection of Workers for the Project

You need to find the right masters. By recommendation or online, but be smart and make a concrete plan with them. Of course, you will tell them that there are penalty points in your contract for not fulfilling the agreed plan, so they will also look to respect what they promised. Be sure to make a detailed plan that will let you know when the works will take place, how long the works will last and how much it will cost.

Throwing Out Old Things

Throwing Out Old Things

So, the first step is disassembly. This includes removing old tiles, sanitary ware, floors (if you change it), electrical switches, built-in furniture, interior doors. Since everything old has been removed from the apartment, it is time to install new installations.

This includes the installation of plastic pipes for water supply and sewerage, as well as the installation of electrical installations. However, before you get to this part, it is important to have a work plan and a record of all expenses. All projects differ from each other and that is why it is important to take into account all the specifics of renovating your home.

Choice of Carpentry

An integral part of the renovation is the change of windows and doors. You need a modern solution that gives excellent insulating properties and matches the look of your home. Depending on whether you need winter or summer solutions, provide the appropriate level of strength and flow of the outside temperature in the room. You will achieve this by choosing the right carpentry, during which you will pay attention to its properties.

Decorating the Walls

Decorating the Walls

You can also add to the list of costs the decoration of the walls, ie painting, installing wallpaper, etc. These are major changes, because it is mostly not just painting but also the shape of the walls, setting up partitions and other processes. That is why most people opt for wallpaper. Wallpapers will last much longer which means they are a more profitable investment. Don’t forget that you need tools such as brushes, tubs, paint adapter and furniture foils for painting. The equipment further increases the final price. Since trends are constantly changing, wallpapers are a very practical option.

Not only will you find a modern design, but they are very easy to change if you change your mind after a while and decide to change the look of the wall. A large selection of models awaits you, from flat design to embossed textures that create a 3D effect. You can even create a unique look if you use large format digital printing services. You can clean them very easily with a sponge or a damp cloth and a detergent solution. These are ideal for living rooms and children’s rooms, but also for the kitchen


Renovating a house imposes the need for excellent organization, good financial situation and making a series of decisions. Nobody really likes to start renovating an apartment because they are long-lasting, dirty and often quite expensive works that you don’t know exactly when they will be finished. However, this may not be the case if you find the right masters and, most importantly, if you make a plan.