Reduce the House Edge in Roulette


If you gamble to win and win big if you gamble as a career option then only you know how hard it is. Many believe that ambling is easy, shut down your brain, have some money and have fun. This is true if you are gambling for fun. If you plan to waste some money and waste some time it is OK. If you are doing this for a career and if you are trying to earn as much money as possible, you are in a world of learning, and tough love.

When it comes to gambling, there are numerous games you can opt for and try your luck, but as you see today, we are talking about roulette and the house edge. Roulette is one of the three most popular casino games and it has been with us for a while. It is not too hard to play, it is not that hard to learn and understand and almost anyone can do it with proper knowledge and some systems and tactics in play.

Most of you know about house edge and what it is so we won’t go too deep into this but we will talk about ways of reducing it, especially in roulette. If you are willing to try this and replicate what we tell you, the best place to do so is

If you are looking for a way to calculate a house edge on the roulette table you need to know how many zeros that roulette table has. There are two roulette iterations – European with only one zero and American with two zeros. Another thing to consider is the numbers that are in the different places on the two wheels if you put them side by side. To work out the house edge on the European wheel you need to consider this:

The European wheel has 37 numbers including a single zero. If you bet on one number for 37 spins and if you place a $10 bet on each of those spins, the common sense is that you will lose 36 times because on only one of these bets you will win. Mathematically it would be presented like this –

36 loosing bets x $10 = -$360

If you manage to win that one time with a $10 winning bet that pays 35:1 you will receive $350.

House Edge in Roulette

If you subtract the win from the losses the mathematics would be like this:

$350 – (-$360) = -$10

What this shows you is that after 37 spins of the wheel with a $10 bet each spin you will be down only $10 which is not that bad isn’t it?! This is all, of course, looking from a perfectly mathematical standpoint, and it all seems somewhat logical. From this, it is easy to understand and calculate a house edge for a European roulette wheel and this is the way to do it:

$10/37 spins = -$0.27

As you can see here for every bet you make you are losing 27 cents meaning that the house edge on this particular wheel is 0.27.

When it comes to the American roulette wheel it is slightly different and the house edge will be slightly different as well. We will use the same example to explain this so you understand the way to calculate this by yourself.

The American wheel has 38 numbers and two zeros so if you bet on one number 38 times with a $10 bet each spin, as before you will lose 37 times and win only one bet.

37 loosing bets x $10 = -$370

When you win that one time, again you will be paid 35:1 and with a $10 bet you will receive $350

If you subtract all the wins from losses you get $350 – (-$370) = -$20

As you can see at the end of the spin number 389 you are down exactly $20, which again doesn’t look that bad right?! Now the way to calculate the house edge on this particular table is as follows:

Roulette 2

$12/38 spins = -$0.52

As you can see the house edge is a bit bigger on American roulette and it is telling you that you are losing 52 cents for every spin you take meaning that the house edge is 0.52.

What is all of this telling you? well, the fact is that the casinos do not have a large advantage over us because then no one would play. It would be a suicide to play a game that will most certainly take you for everything you got. They have just a little bit of advantage that will guarantee them a win in the long run and that will draw you in to play over and over again.

If by now you are thinking that you really can’t beat the house edge, you are still wrong. According to this and the long number calculations, all casinos rely on there is one thing you can do to lower the casino edge – short term playing.

Short term playing is the only thing that can ruin the casino’s edge. If you try and test this you will see that, in short term, zeros can easily become a cold number, that red colour may pop up several times in a row, and around 95% of every street (3 numbers) has at least 1 of its numbers come out, a number that has already come out 3 times will very unlikely come out once more in that 37 spin cycles we were talking about.

So as you can see, only this type of “strategy” may yield better profits and it may lower the casino edge on the table significantly. The main reason for that is a large number of calculations and the fact that all casinos’ math is done on thousands and millions of plays and spins in this particular case. The longer you play the bigger the house edge and the bigger the guarantee that the casino will take your money away. The shorter you play and smarter you play, their edge over you is lower and you have bigger chances of winning some serious money.

Best of luck, try this out and as always gamble responsibly!