Who is Solica Casuto? Complete Biography About Her

Solica Casuto

Solica Casuto is widely known as an American actress and she was born in 1950. She is best recognized for being the second wife of a popular American actor as well as a TV producer, Comedian, Writer, and Singer Andy Samuel Griffith. His career spanned in the acting and music industry for seven decades. 

Andy Griffith won millions of people’s hearts with his outstanding performance and he is a true legacy to his name. He rose to immense popularity despite his lack of committees. 

Solica Casuto comes to the spotlight after his marriage to this famous American actor and Comedian. 

Solica Casuto

Andy mainly got fame from his 60s starring role in a sitcom The Andy Griffith Show and never disappointed the viewers in this entertainment business. 

Solica Casuto is Andy Griffith’s second wife. His first wife was Barbara Griffith

In 1973, Solica started dating Andy Griffith and in 1975, she tied the knot with this famous American actor. Their marriage stayed for almost 5 years and in this big span of time they have no kids. So in the year 1981, they divorced each other and the reason for their divorce is just a mystery. 

After divorcing Solica Casuto, Andy Griffith married a third time with an American actress, Cindi Knight.

How did Andy Griffith move from his rising career as a Comedian to a film star and how did he experience his all struggling marriages? Here are some interesting facts in this article that you will read later.

Solica Casuto Wiki

Full Name Solica Casuto
Date of birth 1940
Age 81 years
Birth Place Greece
Spouse Andy Griffith (Ex-Husband)
Marriage 1975
Divorce 1981
Children No
Profession Actress
Height 5’ 6’’ or 170 cm
Weight 60 Kgs or 132 lbs
Body Measurements 37-25-36


Andy Griffith Quick Facts

Andy Griffith’s full name is Andy Samuel Griffith and he was born on June 1, 1926. His birth place was North Carolina and he spent his whole childhood there. Andy was the only son of his parents Carl Lee and Geneve Griffith. 

Andy Samuel Griffith

Andy struggled with poverty and he never had a luxurious childhood. Though, he made his name and left behind a remarkable legacy.

He studied at the University of North Carolina. Andy was quite passionate about music and his interest made him great. So in 1949, he graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree. Andy Griffith had multiple opportunities to succeed in the future and experienced plenty of them to polish his acting skills.

Andy Griffith’s first marriage & Divorce

Andy Griffith first married Barbara Griffith who was an actress at that time. They both had a relationship as classmates in the same school. 

While the Andy Griffith Show’s production began, Andy and Barbara tied the knot and their wedding date was on August 22, 1949. In a few of the episodes, Barbara appeared on the screen along with her husband. 

The couple worked together as entertainers and they decided to continue their combined singing and dancing journey. Andy and Barbara traveled around and were recognized for their talents. Their couple was adorable and both of them moved to New York in 1954.

Andy and Barbara worked as a couple and they struggled to save money for their trip to New York. The couple had a desire to start a career in the music business so they did extreme hard work for that. While the couple toured around several community centers and they honed an act. Andy Griffith released his first comedy bit Homespun achieved great success.

The couple had two adoptive children Dixie Griffith and Andy Samuel Griffith Jr. Their child Andy Jr had several health issues in which cirrhosis of his liver was the main disorder. Unfortunately, Andy Jr. died of substance abuse on January 17, 1996. 

Andy and Barbara spent 23 long years together and they divorced in 1972. In the timespan of their marriage, the couple went through good and bad days together.

The couple did hard work and struggled a lot to reach success and they finally achieved what they wanted but that time they left each other.

Andy Griffith’s second marriage with Solica Casuto

Andy never waited long for his next marriage and just after one year of his first divorce, he remarried to his next wife Solica Casuto. 

The main reason for Solica Casuto’s success is being the second wife of Andy Griffith. She was born in Greece and by profession, she is an actress. Solica is fondly known for her Greek movies. 

Solica married Andy on June 11, 1975. They stayed together in a marriage relationship for just 5 years and later they finally ended their marriage.

The actual reason behind Andy Griffith’s first divorce was unknown and the secret of his second divorce with Solica Casuto was again a mystery. The couple had no children whatsoever and after divorcing Andy, Solica Casuto is still single. 

Andy Griffith’s third and most successful marriage

Andy third time tied the knot with actress Cindi Knight. She was born on May 2, 1953, in the US. The couple stayed together till the death of Andy Griffith.

Andy Griffith was filming when he met with Cindi Knight in Coweta County. Andy spent the last remaining years of his life on a 68-acre ranch in Dare County, North Carolina.  

Andy Griffith’s death and leaving behind a legacy

On July 2, 2012, Andy Griffith passed away from a heart attack. He has left a huge impact in the entertainment industry with his extraordinary talent and being a super hit actor and a musician. The world will never forget what greatness he left behind for his fans.

Andy’s third and last wife Cindi Knight and his adoptive daughter Dixie Griffith are still here and they remind us of Andy Griffith’s contribution to the world.

Andy left this world at the age of 86 and the legend was buried in his family cemetery on the same day of his death.

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