The Most Effective Method To Tell The Difference Smart Or Stylish


Here’s a simple guide for baby boomer women, so you can recognize smart and sophisticated differences. It’s easier than I thought.

Stylish with smart, dull, or good contrast:

Smart and dull examples will be a woman wearing black pants, towers, shoes, and handbags. Her jacket can be dark blue and she wears a blue and black patterned scarf and brings two colors together. This follows the proper style principle: the only color is very similar in tone and darkness. The result is smart but dull. Choose to wear a real vlone clothing high dark top or blouse with a high neckline to emit colors on her face.

Wear light and dark contrast to look smart, sophisticated, and nice. Examples of this are to wear blue tops and jackets, white or bright color pants and a white and blue scarf. It is the same style principle, but there is a more obvious contrast between the colors. White and blue scarves rather than blue and white scarves work well as white gets light on your face. The results are smart, sophisticated, and cool.

Smart and missing something or stylish color adjustment:

Magazine articles textured tops showing models wearing black and white skirts in black and white skirts. Then add different colored jackets and shoes or accessories that match the jacket. Black and cream or black and white can be worn in different colors. It is a smart dressing to add different colors around the black and white combination. Something missing is an accessory that brings all the colors together. You must bring black and white or black and cream colors to accessories to look stylish. It is not enough to match the shoes with the jacket. It is smart but is not stylish.

A stylish woman is black pants and shoes, an orange tower, and a black, orange, and white scarf. The scarf gets all the colors together. When wearing two or three common items, the main accessories must combine all colors. Ordinary black or orange necklaces will take a costume in a stylish smart, as you have not matched but not coordinated.

Stylish with a smart, incorrect accessory or joint adjustment accessories:

I am smart and colored but show many examples of unparalleled accessories.

Black and white patterns with black and white patterns and black, white, and red bracelets can model models wearing cream pants with red bracelets. The necklace matches the top and looks great, but it can disappear into a pattern in the street. Do not wear a necklace when there is a graphic, bold, or multi-color top. Black and white patterns lift smart shirts with a smartly stylish black and white, or add black and white earrings or wear multi-bangs combinations with two black, one white, and one different color. Or put one bracelet from that contains all of the colors.

Examples of stylish combinations may occur when wearing Vlone Clothing white pants, top, brown jackets, shoes and handbags, brown and black scarves, and animals. A scarf or a jeweler can add a black touch, and it is a cool color to the top of the white. You have brought two major colors and added a small bit about the style.

Simple stylish rules:

Wear patterns with two colors or one color and inequality ratio. If you want, add a small touch of the third color. Then add at least one accessory that brings two or three colors with medium or bright tones, and more than Dull, more than Dull. Stylish is a time when it is a whole rather than a separate bit of color and pattern.

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Then, in my client’s words, at that point in every case, you will strongly know every case, remember effectively, and remember effectively.

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