What are the best slippers for seniors? 


The slippers and shoes that we wear have a distinct history attached to them. The footwear we wear is not a recent invention, rather goes back to the old times. Had there been no discovery of this particular accessory, humankind would have walked barefoot for ages. However, with the development of various kinds of slippers, shoes, and now crocs, everything has become better. Wearing the right kind of footwear can bring confidence in you in the best way possible. 

As the times progressed, human beings started digging into those innovations that would relate to practical life. One could not simply walk around without a pair of comfy footwear. Even in Indian mythological stories, that we have grown up seeing, those people used to wear what is known as ‘paduka’. Slowly and steadily, the wave of colonization did bring quite a few positive impacts in India. The shoe-making factories were greatly known during this time. 

In the past, each era has witnessed the making of a completely new footwear design depending upon the needs of humans. Dates back to the 1400s when people used to make slippers out of animal fur or skin in various parts of the world. 

Men’s Slippers

Be it men’s slippers or women’s, around this time both of theirs slippers were similar in look and shape. However, the size could be variable. Roughly, the studies say that a person named Alvin Slipper was the first one to discover such an accessory, though most of the path of this invention is unclear in the pages of history. 

Nowadays, both women’s slippers and men’s have taken their very own routes of diversification. Therefore, both look different now. When we focus on the slippers for seniors or old-age people, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. As we know that old age comes with a lot of problems in the foot or legs, it is advisable by doctors to wear a slipper that would provide comfort to your feet.

So, let’s look at certain features that are necessary for the slippers to be equipped for seniors to wear them comfortably. The list is as follows: 

  • The first and the most essential feature is that slippers should not be slippery. As a person grows older, basic activities like walking become difficult. One cannot simply afford to risk anything and wear a slippery slipper. So, be cautious before purchasing a slipper and give a trial beforehand. 
  •  Old age comes with every little activity becoming a hassle. So, the slippers should be washable in the washing machine to save them some extra effort. Also, the quality therefore should be great so that post-washing the product does not face any deterioration. 
  • Slippers for men and women should be equipped with a comfy cushion bed in the footwear that provides an ample amount of support to the feet. Especially, when it comes to the senior people, they need this feature more than anyone.
  • To make the support greater, there should be adjustable straps in the slippers. This will make the footwear more comfortable and impart relaxation to the people. Slippers for women as well as men can be brought online with all these features. 

Ending Up

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