VPS Hosting India by Serverwala: Never run out of Resources

If you are a business person, you may know the importance of a website and its online presence. For that, you might wonder about the resource-intensive web hosting plans that ensure more resources available for your site. However, you’ll find VPS Hosting India the best hosting solution for your site from plenty of options. This is because it gives you more resources, including Random Access Memory, Solid State Drives, Unlimited Bandwidth, robust processor, etc.

If you are not an expert in the web hosting journey, then this guide will help you in determining the best hosting and why it is best for your site. Let’s dive into this post!

Limitation of Resources is always an issue with Shared Hosting

As discussed, Shared Hosting is the cheapest and smallest web hosting service that shares its resources and server space with other sites. This may increase the chances of data loss, sluggish performance, low site speed, and much more. That’s why it is not considered the ideal option for your online business. Further, here we enlisted some of the major disadvantages of shared hosting that you can experience. Take a quick glimpse of it.

  • With a Shared Server, you will be given Limited Resources that are not enough to accomplish your site needs. This means you can utilize the RAM, CPU, Memory, and bandwidth up to certain limits.
  • No doubt, if you share your resources with any other third-party users, your site automatically undergoes Sluggishness.
  • With passing time, your site received slightly increased traffic. But as you have limited resources. So, your site is Unable to handle high traffic during busy business hours.
  • No doubt, if there is no data privacy and boundaries between two sites, then any malicious activities detected with one site increase the chance of making your site More Vulnerable to viruses. This means your data is not secured with the Shared Server.
  • It’s genuine that you are paying a small amount in which you’ll be given the basic services. So, you can’t expect real-time support. Hence, you get Bad customer Support with shared hosting.
  • You have Limited Application Installation and resource utilization power that reaches the maximum limits soon if your site starts receiving a little traffic.
  • One of the major limitations of using a shared server is you do not get any Root Access with your hosting.
  • With VPS, you get SSL as complementary services, whereas you need to pay an additional cost for an SSL certificate with the Shared server.

With such a number of limitations, no one would like to go with shared hosting. However, it is best to go with the VPS India Server that has so many benefits for your growing business. You can take a glimpse at the benefits of VPS Hosting.

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Benefits you will get with VPS Hosting India by Serverwala.

VPS Server is the most popular mid-range web hosting service with plenty of valuable resources that helps to accomplish your growing business needs. So, you can make use of all the reliable resources for your site. Further, if you buy the Cheap VPS Hosting India by Serverwala, you can employ your website’s following benefits. Let’s check them one by one:

#1. Increase Reliability

All the VPS Server resources are powered by the top-tier data centers that ensure more reliability for your site. This means you get highly reliable hardware tools and equipment, an independent hosting environment, dedicated resources, and so on.

#2. Take total control of the Server

With the shared hosting, your server is managed by your web host. That’s why you didn’t get the server control. But in India VPS Hosting, you’ll be given entire server control in your hands. So, you can manage and operate your site according to your requirements.

#3. Scale Up resources instantly

When it comes to scalability, VPS is more scalable than a Shared Server because you can expand your resources with one click. Whereas with shared, you get the limited resources, hence no option at all you have to scale up your resources.

#4. More Enhanced Security

With the powerful best VPS Hosting India server, you’ll be given advanced data security measures that ensure high protection of your site data. Also, hackers can’t find an easy way to steal your data with VPS, whereas it’s common to share.

#5. Dedicated Server

You’ll undoubtedly have an isolated hosting environment, dedicated resources, and a portion of web space that only you can utilize to host your site. However, with your VPS India Server, this ensures the dedicated server for your online business site.

#6. Fully Managed Services

If you want the complete managed services from your web host, you can choose the Managed VPS Server from the Serverwala. In this hosting package, all the server maintenance and management is the primary responsibility of your web host.

#7. Cost-effective

You know that Dedicated Hosting is not affordable for every user, whereas shared hosting is not an ideal choice for your business site because of a shortage of resources. However, you’ll be given the high availability of resources with the VPS Hosting India Server at an affordable price. After knowing the benefits of VPS Hosting, you can ensure that it is the best and ideal platform for your online business. This is because you’ll be given an ample range of resources at an affordable price by the server wall.

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Affordable India VPS Plans with Exclusive Resources

The Company Serverwala is one of the best web hosting providers known for rendering various hosting services, including the VPS India. You will get a broad list of features with each hosting service. So, you can check the plans for both Windows VPS Hosting India, and Linux VPS Hosting India Plans to make a wise decision for your website.

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Summing Up

If you are concerned about your site never running out of resources, then VPS Hosting India-based server is the perfect option for you. This is because you will get enterprise-grade services, personal web space, dedicated resources that only belong to you in your budget. Further, no other or third-party users can use your resources. This ensures the high availability of resources for your site. So, to enjoy this level of benefits, you have to buy the Cheap VPS Hosting India plans by Serverwala. So, buy hosting now and enjoy the endless benefits with 24*7 customer and technical support.