Ways to save money during covid-19

save money

With the advent of COVID-19, a lot of things took a paradigm shift. From the way people interact to how they work, a lot of things changed. All these changes caused immense disruptions in people’s lives. As we speak, many businesses were forced to shut down temporarily in a bid to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, most people have been forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck in order to remain afloat. Since we are not yet out of the woods, it is imperative that you save money in one way or another during this pandemic. Here are a number of ways to get started:

  1. Cancel subscriptions that are not in use anymore

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, chances are that you had subscribed to many premium services in the past. From Netflix to your nearest gym, there are a plethora of subscriptions that you could have made in a bid to make life fun and more comfortable.

However, with the advent of COVID-19, most companies actually advised their customers to pause their contracts for a few months. Some even suspended their accounts indefinitely. For you to continue getting value for your hard-earned money, you should cancel those subscriptions that you hardly need. Only the necessary ones are worth the money.

  1. Always remember to budget your money

Since we are in a difficult period, there is a need to control your cash flow so that you can save more. This is actually not the time to spend money how you please. Instead, you should budget for all the cash you might have and save some for a rainy day.

If you have to go shopping, consider having a shopping list so that you can buy only the items you need at home. By doing this, you will not only save money but also reduce wastage at home.

  1. Consider using your credit card when making purchases

As we speak, you can now use a credit card to make purchases and enjoy more convenience. You do not have to carry bulky cash for you to buy an item or two from the supermarket. With a credit card, you can be sure that you will be able to make all these purchases seamlessly. As long as your card has money, you will be able to buy plenty of items. Besides enjoying the convenience of not carrying money in cash, you will be able to get cash back for all the purchases you make. This still helps you to save a few bucks during the pandemic.

  1. Take advantages of deals

Once in a while, you might come across a number of deals at your nearest supermarket or online store. Since some of these deals do not last for many days, you should take advantage of these deals and buy those items as soon as possible.

Although you might require these items later in life, you can buy them and save a few dollars. Better still, if you have coupon codes, you can use them to make purchases, and you will save a few bucks. This can go a long way in ensuring that you remain afloat even during the pandemic.

  1. Diversify your income

Besides saving money, you can now diversify your income and earn more. In fact, most people have now started focusing more on their skills alongside their regular jobs in a bid to leverage their income. For instance, if you are skilled in writing blogs, you can go ahead and invest more time in writing a few blogs for money.

Better still, if you have skills in offering coaching services, you can readily offer these services from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to look for clients who will be interested in your services and you will be good to go. Here, you will not only save money but also earn more.


The strategies mentioned above can help you save money during the pandemic. From cutting back on certain expenses to diversifying your income, there are many ways that can help you get started. Consider them today, and you will remain afloat for longer and have more to spend on a rainy day.