How to Win All Your Duels in World of Warcraft – 2024 Guide


A duel in World of Warcraft (WoW) is a specific battle between two players. Any player can initiate a duel if they click right on their portrait. The good thing is that no one can get killed in the duels. The player must wait for the other one to accept it, and after that, the battle can start. You will know that the other player has accepted your offer if a countdown starts in the chat log.

You also have an option to type “/duel” while you have a target. As a player, you have to know that dueling is not available in capital cities and dungeons. You will easily recognize it, but if you aren’t sure, you can always try, and probably you will receive a notification that says “Dueling not allowed” or so. The interesting thing is that even the low-level players enjoy dueling, even though they don’t really have the needed skills. But, it’s quite interesting, especially for those who need some practicing for the future phases of the game.

While dueling, you need to know that you have nothing to lose, since it doesn’t affect your XP, and you can’t die. It’s an interesting way to practice the basics of the game, and see how capable you are to handle specific situations.

Important rules to know about dueling

Important rules to know about dueling

In order to start it, you need to right-click on the portrait and initiate a duel. They can either accept it or deny it. Make sure you are ready for dueling. If you want to win, you need to reduce the opponent to one hit point. Don’t go too far from the duel flag, or a warning sign will pop up.

Also, duels are more about having fun, since you can’t get a lot of them. Skills won’t get better, and you can’t earn more points while dueling. So, at this point, probably you need to rethink your idea and make wiser choices.

How to win every duel?

How to win every duel

As we already said, you don’t get a lot if you win, but we are sure the personal satisfaction is better at this point. So, some of the important tips are:

1. Understand the rules

You need to ask the other person if they like to duel before you initiate it. Try not to spam.

It’s completely normal for someone to decline your offer, and if you are pushing too hard, you may get blocked or ignored. Don’t challenge those who are already busy with something else. Duel only with players who are on a similar level to you.

Be ready to be beaten by higher-class players. If you win, the opponent may ask for a rematch, and it’s polite to accept it, just like they accepted your challenge.

These are very simple rules, and you probably are aware of them already. But, there is nothing wrong with repeating them.

2. Let someone else do this for you

Let someone else do this for you

You can ask your experienced friend to pass through it on your behalf. Or you can use the carry services, that offer boosting in any phase of the game. That’s a really popular way to go through the levels and dungeons, and you can simply pay for the service every time you have a hard time playing. It’s easy to reach out to them, by using their websites like

3. Don’t fall for tricks

Experienced players often target low-level players, and issue a duel offer. At some point, they will cancel the duel at the last minute, which means they’ve created a PvP event. That means you can easily get hurt or killed during the battle. It’s pretty common bait, and many inexperienced players fall for it, thinking that someone more experienced wants to play against them. The good thing is that once you gain more experience and become better, you can do the same. But, it’s really not fair, so think twice about it. If you’ve been tricked like this, maybe you want to teach the newbies this lesson too – but this is all up to you.

4. How to end a duel?

How to end a duel

There are two ways to end a duel. The first way is to wait until one of the players is close to death. That means the hit point should be equal to 1. Even though it rarely happens, sometimes a character may die after a duel. The other way is to run away from the field, which may work better if you don’t feel like dueling anymore.

5. How to win all the time?

There is no method or approach that will guarantee you will win. Using the boosting services is one way to make sure you will win. The other way is to play against lower-class gamers because you are anyway stronger than them. There are no specific rules, or tricks, that can be useful. Dueling is not really beneficial for the WoW players, and most of them avoid it at any cost. Maybe you can do the same because it’s not really worth investing time and skills for something that doesn’t bring anything good to you.

To wrap it up

Dueling is not something that brings benefits to any of the players. So, you win, and the game announces you as a winner, but you don’t get experience, but only self-satisfaction that you defeated someone. Maybe you can use these skills in PvP battles. Sometimes you can bet on duels, but that means investing or losing gold, without any additional benefit.

Our suggestion is not to spend skills and goods on dueling. On the other hand, you are free to do whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable with it. WoW is a popular game, with plenty of loyal players who know and understand the common challenges. They really know better ways to gain experience, instead of dueling. So, make sure you know what comes with the duels, and other activities. It would be much easier to win the battles, even if you are focused on dueling only.