Affordable Home Care: Ways to Lower Senior Care Costs


Senior healthcare facilities are not cheap, and when a family member is there, the expense can be huge. That’s one of the reasons why people are looking for more affordable options, as they stick to the same quality as the other home care institutions. Most of the time, the price depends on the package of required services. That means the packages may vary.

We all know that it was a hard time for these facilities, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things around us. The aging population needed more care, and these people are already so fragile – which means the staff has a really difficult time maintaining the same service quality, and staying healthy and sane. Those were really stressful two years, and the prices can be too much for the families too. But sometimes, there is no other choice, and the elders should be put in the home health care system.

At this point, it’s important to understand how home care packages work. It’s a program that is known in Australia (but many countries copy the concept), and the goal is to offer a proper package of care, so the price can be determined. You can find plenty of information about this on

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Most of the time, your family doctor can recommend a facility, and you can get a complete service using the medical report. When it comes to the price, families usually use the pension funds to pay for it. In general, the adult population in this care system gets medical care, food, and activities, and they socialize with people of the same age or same health issues.

Note: Many other people will try to put blame on you for not taking care of your beloved elder person at home. Make sure you don’t let being hurt by that. Only the family members know the struggle of taking care of sick and older family member, and all the things they need to give up on, just to shut the mouths of their distant relatives and friends. We are sure every family has a different story, and we are not here to judge.

If you are still looking for some options to lower this expense, stay with us. We will cover that for you, so you can know what to do next.

1. Check on the Government Benefits

Many older citizens qualify for the state program, especially if they themselves deserve something. For example, military personnel, veterans, hospital staff at military bases, teachers, scientists, cultural workers, etc, all of these people may be eligible to receive a discount or free accommodation in a care home. If your adult family member has had a job that contributes to the development of the state or society, then you can really get significant help on that basis. Be well-informed about such programs, as they are often not publicly available. Authorities in many countries have been able to maintain these programs for years, with funding from the budget. That’s why we recommend you consider these options. This greatly reduces the overall cost, and you may even get the option of a better home care facility.

2. Find More Offers and Compare the Prices

Compare the Prices

This is the most obvious, but it works like a charm. You only need to take enough time to explore the options, and visit every home care facility, to make sure everything is fine. Finding an affordable option is not an easy thing to do, and it may take up to a few weeks until you are ready to decide. You can even talk to the older adult, and see what’s their opinion. Take them with you, if possible, and they may choose the facility for them.

3. Hire a Home Caregiver

Some specific conditions should be treated at home. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, some conditions require more privacy and dedication. Most of the time, hiring a full-time caregiver is cheaper than moving the older adult to a facility. You can hire them through licensed agencies, or you can find them alone, using some recommendations. Also, you can use technology to monitor the situation all the time. Just make sure you offer a fair salary to the caregiver since they have a huge responsibility every day. Sometimes these caregivers move with the family, so they can be there all the time. They are usually trained for basic medical help, but also they know when to call an ambulance if their health condition is getting worse.

4. Turn a Room at Your Home Into a Modified Accommodation

Turn a Room at Your Home Into a Modified Accommodation

You can combine this one with the private and independent caregiver. It’s not that affordable, but it’s a one-time expense, as you modify the room or more areas in your home, so they can be adult-friendly. Sometimes you will have to do some adjustments to the bath or invest in special beds and furniture. If the conditions are appropriate, plenty of older adults can take care of themselves. Another example is the walk-in bathroom, instead of using a bathtub, which can be slippery and really hard for them. Analyze the situation, and see if these adjustments are more affordable than the home care system. You will save a lot of money if you figure out a way to make their life easier and more comfortable too.


Everyone deserves proper care in the last years of life. Sometimes the family can take care of that, but sometimes it is practically impossible. Homes and home caregivers are not a simple and easy expense. Therefore, employed family members must continue to work to provide sufficient comfort for the older adult.

Browse all the options you have. You may be able to afford full-time care in a private adult home or hire more independent caregivers. But only you know how much you can earn and spend, so these tips will probably be useful for you and your family.

And don’t worry. It’s not ungrateful to do these things. You are doing what has to be done, to let them have a comfortable life, as much as possible.