What is More Popular in Australia, Movies or Gambling?

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Anyone who’s been to Australia knows just how charismatic locals and how beautiful this country is. We are not talking just about the land itself, but also about the beauty this country has because of the temperament Australians have. Everyone can agree that their personality is one-of-a-kind.

They are always smiling and they are ready to help anyone. Some argue that the warm climate and sun exposure suns. But there is much more to that. They love seeing foreigners visiting Australia. Plus, they are always interested in providing them with answers to whatever questions they might have about their country.

Those who decide to visit it can expect to experience a lot of things. But there are two industries that foreigners surely spot immediately after they start discovering the culture. We are talking about the gambling industry, which is quite big in Australia, and the movie industry, which is one of the best out there.

Now, let’s see which one of these is more popular among average Aussies.

Australia and Gambling

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If you take a look at numerous reports of the global gambling industry, you would see that the one in Australia is among the biggest out there. When you visit it, you will find numerous casinos in every major city. Not only that, but Australians simply love gambling. Most of them prefer playing slot machines.

They love them so much that they came up with a nickname for them. They call them pokies. Even though this nickname can sound strange to foreigners, Aussies know exactly why they are calling it like that. The term was coined because of how these are played. Players poke the device every turn, right?

We all know that the number of different sorts of slot machines is quite high these days. However, we can see that the number of those we can find in Australia is higher than in practically any other country out there. So, you can see that they do have a thing about playing slot machines. If you want to check some of them, visit https://www.gamblingsitesreview.com/online-pokies/.

When we are talking about the industry itself, we can see that it generates more than $70 billion practically every year. Plus, Aussies spend roughly $20 billion annually. Besides that, we can see that Australia has one of the highest per-capita rates. Therefore, it results in a high income for the central government.

Around 65% of Aussies gambled at least once during their lifetime. So, nobody should be surprised just how big of potential this country has when it comes down to this industry. But all that wouldn’t be possible without people being interested in this form of entertainment, don’t you agree?

Gambling Laws

As is the case with any other country out there, Australia has a regulation when it comes to gambling. Naturally, this regulation has been updated because online gambling rising over the last two decades. The current situation cannot be compared to the one we had back in the early 2000s.

But this is not the only reason why the update was needed. Little is known about the fact that a vast majority of slot machines were produced and designed in this country. You can find them all over the world, but it is not always known that they come from here.

The regulation itself is quite strict. They represent a principle that someone cannot win without losing a certain proportion of their money at the same time. We think that this is not only beneficial for both parties, but this principle is also one of the foundations of the whole industry. Still, you will not find it in many countries out there.

Australians and Movies

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Movies are a big thing in this country. The local industry generates some high-quality titles and many actors come from here. Also, people where are sincerely interested in watching movies as one of their favorite pastimes. The number of people who go to the cinema frequently is exceptional.

For example, several studies have researched this topic. One of them says that an average Aussie goes to the cinema seven times every year, which is quite a high number. For instance, people from the United Kingdom go three times, and Americans go up to five times annually.

So, there’s something really interesting about this affection Australians have towards movies. Another thing adds a lot of context to this fact. We are living in a digital age where a vast majority of people are watching movies and TV shows via streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

Australian Movie Industry

The Australian movie industry is somewhat underrated, right? Sure, we can see that a lot of Australian actors have become quite popular in Hollywood and all over the world. There’s practically no person out there who hasn’t heard about Mell Gibson or Russel Crowe. But local movies simply don’t get the recognition they deserve.

We can see that their being underrated goes so far that many do not know that some classic titles come from Australia. For instance, the “Mad Max” trilogy is an Australian product. Mel Gibson is the actor that played in all of them, after all. Besides these three movies, there are a lot of them that were made here. Truth be said, the interest in Australian movies has sparked in other countries as well.

Titles like “The Rover”, which has outstanding performances by Robert Pattison, Scoot McNairy, and Guy Pearce, marked the beginning of the reinvention of the industry itself. Besides that, we have all heard about a legendary title “Animal Kingdom”, where Joel Edgerton, Jacki Weaver, and Ben Mendelsohn were outstanding. We do not doubt that the recognition of future titles will be on a much higher level.

Film Production Australia
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The Verdict

The question of which is more popular in Australia, gambling or movies, we would need to say gambling. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Going to the cinema is not nearly as common as visiting an online casino. Therefore, the answer to this question is quite a simple one.