Best Professional Salon Scissors in Australia

There’s a difference between a regular scissor and a salon scissor. Yes, there is a massive difference. You can’t even compare them. A professional salon scissor has great quality and possesses some splendid features. The strength and durability of these professional scissors are unmatchable. If you are running a salon, you know how tough and challenging it is to find a perfect scissor that meets your needs.

Are you looking for some finest salon scissors in Australia? Well, you are almost there! We have come up with a list of the best hairdressing scissors to meet your salon requirements. Ensure to explore our list of scissors below and find the ones you have been searching for. All are splendid quality scissors; explore the list and learn more about these professional scissors!

1. Professional VG10 Black Crystal 6.5″ Hairdressing Scissor

This is a masterpiece scissor for professional barbers. Made of excellent quality steel, it promises strength and durability. The polish silver finish adds to the elegance of the scissor; it is a beauty indeed. There are a fixed finger rest and a convex edge blade.

2. Royal Class Hairdressing Scissors For Barbers

With an adjustable screw, a fixed finger rest, and a convex edge blade, this is a magnificent scissor for professionals. High-quality Japanese steel is used in the manufacturing of this scissor. It is one of the best hairdressing scissors for barbers and hairdressers in Australia.

3. Professional VG10 Rose Gold 6.0″ Hairdressing Scissors

You are looking for a professional salon scissor in Australia, what about this rose gold one? The elegance of this scissor is unmatchable. Apart from that, it possesses serious strength and is very durable. The size of 6 inches is quite appropriate. It is made of ultra-premium quality steel.

4. 6.0” Green Crystal Line Hairdressing Scissors

This 6-inch scissor is another one you must consider buying like a professional hairdresser. The green crystalline is the highlight of this scissor. The best quality Japanese steel is used in its construction, hence, ensuring its durability and strength. There is a fixed finger rest along with an adjustable screw.

5. Dragon Purple Crystal Line 6.0” Hairdressing Scissors

This is a unique salon scissor of the highest quality. The purple color adds to the beauty of the scissor. Apart from its unique appearance, the scissor is pretty durable and sharp. It can provide the most comfortable haircutting experience. The 6 inch is just perfect for any scissor.

6. 440C Dragon Red Crystal 6.5 Inches Professional Barber Scissors

Made of 440 c steel, this is one of the most sturdy hairdressing scissors around. For salons in Australia, there is no better scissor than this. The size is 6.5 inches and is pretty comfortable for any hairdresser and barber. There are a beveled edge blade and a fixed screw.

7. Multi-Color 5.5” Hairdressing Scissors

This multi-color scissor is yet another fantastic salon scissor you can consider adding to your toolset. If you are a professional barber, this must be on your list. The size is 5.5 inches and the colors are exceptional. The blade edge is convex and is a sharp and durable one.

8. Golden 5.5” Hairdressing Scissors

This golden scissor can be a perfect addition to your salon toolset. The size is 5.5 inches and is an ideal size for any barber. It provides the comfort you want during cutting and gives a magnificent experience. So, these are some of the best salon scissors to look for in Australia!