Learn More About How To Use Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Quick Fix is one of the most popular brands providing synthetic urine in the market today. With an increase in mandatory drug testing at workplaces and for several other requirements, synthetic urine has proven to be a quick fix for passing these tests.

But that said, using synthetic urine to pass as the real one in a lab is slightly trickier than most people are willing to admit. Many people share stories of how the sample turned out to be too cold or hot or failed to help pass the test. Submitting samples within the narrow temperature range of natural urine requires understanding the product and its usage properly. So, here we will learn in-depth about how and when to use Quick Fix to ensure effective results.

What Is a Quick Fix?

Quick Fix is an artificially created liquid that intends to imitate the constituents of natural human urine. It is synthetic urine that aims to replicate the visual and chemical characteristics of natural urine.

Human urine contains over 20 different chemicals, with the major constituents being creatinine, uric acid, and area. Quick Fix sharply employs these chemicals in its formula and captures the perfect specific gravity and pH of natural urine to help pass during lab verifications. 

The company has developed this product for over 20 years now, with several iterations to ensure precision in every means. You can read more about quick fix pee formulations to understand how it imitates human urine accurately. Today, the liquid is available in two different sizes, with the same formulation for users to purchase. It also comes in a premixed form, in which case, you only need to heat the product to submit during the test.

The complete Quick Fix kit also contains an air-activated heat pad connected to an elastic band that holds the plastic bottle with the synthetic urine. The bottle also includes a temperature strip on the side to ensure you submit at the right temperature. 

Getting The Temperature Right

The most critical component for passing off Quick Fix in a drug test is to achieve the perfect temperature. But why is this important? The natural urine temperature range falls within 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Drug screeners evaluate several parameters of the urine sample deposited to ensure that it is the real thing. One of them is that the sample temperature should be between 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 32- 38 degrees Celsius.

The screener drops a temperature strip into the sample within 4 minutes of depositing to check the same. If the sample does not fall within the acceptable range, the person needs to deposit another sample immediately.

Quick Fix

Hence striking the perfect temperature with the synthetic urine premix is necessary. We will go through two different methods of heating the Quick Fix to achieve this. 

Preparing And Using Quick Fix 

Let us walk you through the basics of preparing Quick Fix to ensure that you pass the test quickly. 

Heating The Premix 

The Quick Way

  1. Open the packet and confirm the batch number printed on the instructions. Synthetic urine has a typical shelf life of about two years. Verify the batch number to know if the bottle is suitable for use. 
  2. Shake the bottle rapidly and open the cap. 
  3. Place the bottle inside the microwave and let it heat for about 10 -12 seconds. Watch the temperature strip on the side of the bottle to check if it starts reading. 
  4. There might be no reading if the sample is too hot. So, remove the bottle from the microwave and let it cool for a minute. Now, repeat step 3 to get the reading.  
  5. Now activate the heating pad, which comes with the urine kit. Place it behind the bottle such that the temperature strip appears on the opposite side. 
  6. Secure the bottle and pad with the provided rubber band. 
  7. Place the setup in a secure place, such as in your undergarments, socks. Do not place it in your pockets, as the person will make you empty them before proceeding with the test. 
  8. During the test, pull out the bottle and review the temperature. Make sure it is within 92-98 degrees. 
  9. If the urine is too hot, just dip the bottle in water for a few seconds to get the temperature right. Deposit the synthetic urine in the container and leave it for examination.


The Slow Method

The slow method works if you have no idea where the nicotine test will happen or if you have no means of accessing a microwave immediately. 

  1. Remove the heating pad from the kit and attach it to the bottle on the opposite side of the temperature strip. 
  2. Place the setup between your legs or in your pants to heat it. Remember, this will take about 45 minutes to one hour to get to the right temperature. 
  3. Give the bottle a quick shake at the facility and check the temperature before you deposit. 

Points To Remember

  1. Synthetic urine can be heated and cooled multiple times. So don’t worry if you have to heat the sample multiple times before depositing it. It will not affect the results of the test. 
  2. If the bottle’s temperature is too low, heat the sample by pouring hot water. You can carry warm water in a flask with you to do this. 
  3. Try to deposit in the ideal temperature range to avoid any suspicions. It is because labs might forward the sample for more advanced analysis if they find it out of the ordinary. In that case, Quick Fix may not be able to help you pass the test. But as long as the visibility and temperature checks are clear, your sample will typically go through just fundamental analysis where Quick Fix will surely help you pass.  
  4. Research the testing facility well in advance to know what techniques they use to analyze the urine. Advanced tests such as mass spectrometry will most probably show that the sample is fake. Quick Fix is not the right way to go in that case. But for simple first-degree analysis, it is possible to pass every single time using synthetic urine simply by achieving the right temperature. 
  5. Stay calm while giving the sample to the screener to avoid suspicions.  


Quick Fix offers an effective solution to get through a urine drug test using synthetic urine. Taking some time to understand the product and the best way to use it will help you pass the test with much ease. Keep these essential points discussed here in mind while using Quick Fix to ace your drug test effortlessly.