Why does perfume changes color over time?

perfume changes

To smell good and pleasant is a desire of every person. A good fragrance coming from your body automatically lifts your mood and shoves you to walk with more confidence and grace. Scents are meant to enhance the smell of a clean body. . Perfume is something which can swiftly boost up your mood and lift your spirit and confidence so it has to be chosen wisely. They give you a pleasant and lovely feeling for the rest of the day.  There are many branded and best perfumes in Pakistan that you can get easily from anywhere and smell heavenly for the rest of your day.

You might have experienced that your favorite perfume bottle gets darker over time or loses its fragrance if kept for a long time and you think to yourself that whether you should spray it on your body or not because it gives a very different and bizarre odor and the color becomes darker. There might be many reasons why it happens and some of them will be discussed in this article.

There are three major factors that affect the color of the perfume over time leaving it all dark and losing its original color. Extreme and sudden changes in temperature, contact with air, and biosynthesis. Let’s understand these factors more clearly by getting into its details and what exactly happens when perfume changes its color.

Direct exposure to light

Perfumes are highly volatile compounds and they react when they are exposed to any light be it sunlight or ambient. After much research, it has been proved that certain secondary metabolites that are present in the perfumes when it is in light. These secondary metabolites are the natural ingredients of the perfume. And when these natural ingredients interact with sunlight or any other light they tend to change their color.

It doesn’t mean that the perfume in the bottle is no longer of any use. It just changes its color and the odor becomes a bit stronger than before. If this happens to your perfume then there’s nothing to be worried about. It happens to every bottle of perfume because of the kind of natural ingredients present in it. Even the best perfumes in Pakistan will eventually lose their color over time if kept for months.


Perfumes very quickly evaporate when left open in the air. Some additives are used in the making of perfume to reduce the rate of evaporation. When a perfume bottle is opened it comes in contact with the air resulting in the fragrance diluting. Top notes leave the bottle first leaving only base notes behind that result in a slight change of the fragrance along with its color.

So it’s always best to immediately close the bottle of your perfume after use to protect it from evaporating and to retain its fragrance and color. Because the ingredients used in the perfume are very reactive to light and air and can affect the natural color and fragrance of your favorite perfume.

Extreme changes in Temperature

Extreme temperature changes can also affect the color of the perfume. Usually, when exposed to high temperature especially in summer, the covalent bonds present in a perfume tends to disintegrate resulting in the change of color and giving a different fragrance. This is because they couldn’t stand extreme temperatures.

The oxidation process of perfume gets faster as the temperature rises and thus faster the rate of discoloration of the perfume. That’s the reason you have often seen that it is written on every bottle to store it in a cool and dry place. This is because the perfume will retain its original color and fragrance if stored or kept in a cool or dry place.

It is also said that if the perfume is kept for a long period then it changes it becomes darker with age and loses its original fragrance. The factors like heat, light, and temperature changes result in the breakdown of the balance of fragrance. If your perfume very quickly adapts to these changes then it might be a sign that it’s almost near to its expiry date or has lost all its natural and original fragrance and color and only base notes are left in the bottle of your perfume because top notes tend to leave the perfume first.

All the synthetic perfumes tend to lose their color and fragrance with time because of the kind of ingredients present in them. But the scents made with natural oils act differently and even if they lose their color they still smell good on the skin such as bakhoor and other attars which are considered as best perfumes in Pakistan because they are free from any kind of harmful elements and gives a very fine and exquisite odor even if kept in for months.

This was all about the perfumes and why they change their color over time. After reading this article I’m sure it has helped you in how to keep your perfume alive and retain its original fragrance and color for a longer time.