Ticking The Right Boxes: Know The Do’s and Don’ts Of Your First Home-Move


The first time you learn that you’ll relocate, it can be both exciting and frightening. Humans prefer staying in their comfort zones. If you’re used to living in one area for a considerable time, calling a new place home won’t be easy. This is why as a fire time mover, you can get overwhelmed. You can end up overdoing the process and make your move more tedious than it has to be. Therefore, you need to have a proper plan in place. Suppose you’re moving to a new neighborhood. In such cases, you have a few logistic details to take care of before you move. 

However, if you’re moving to a new state, the details of your move are different. You need to apply for a fresh set of documents and update your information according to the new state. In both cases, you still need a plan if you want to make your move less troublesome. Since it’s your first time moving to another home, you can use some help. While you may have a simple idea, we are here to give you some important details. As you embark on a new stage in your life, here are some do’s and don’t of your moving process:

  • Do Know That Moving Is Stressful

Even if you’re the best planner, who plans down to the T, the process is stressful. You have numerous daunting thoughts running through your head. However, have faith, take it slow, and follow a system. Start by making sure you have a storage unit within your vicinity. For instance, if you’re moving to Arlington, Texas, you can google self storage arlington and browse through suitable options. The reason you’re taking care of storage first is that you will have copious belongings. When you have a space already reserved to handle these objects, it will take an immense load off you. Accept the stress that comes with moving, and don’t fear the process of change. If you feel too nervous, talk to your partner or other family members. During times like these, it is good to get some support and communicate your feelings. 

  • Don’t Leave Everything Last Minute

You may occasionally feel lazy, which is normal. While you’re packing, you’re allowed to take breaks. You wouldn’t want to exhaust yourself unnecessarily. However, taking a break and pushing everything to the last minute are two different concepts. If you leave everything for two days before you leave, you’ll cause a mess. You may end up packing disastrously and destroying your belongings. You may even forget to collect essential documents and cancel mailing services. The last two days before you move are for you. Relax with your friends and family. Enjoy dining out and resting plenty before the big move.

  • Do Calculate The Supplies You Need

Before you hit home depot, you need to know what you need. Boxes are a given, but you need to know how many. If you have large appliances and an extensive collection of the same item, get big boxes. Smaller boxes are for miscellaneous items such as toys or accessories that you don’t need right away. You can try color coding each box for each room to make the process even easier. You will also need a pair of scissors, markers, tape, and bubble wrap. These are your basic supplies. You can add anything else you need later, but these are 100% essential for your packing phase. 

  • Don’t Book Just Any Moving Company

It would help if you researched moving companies that you want to hire. Suppose you have no idea where to start looking; start by asking friends and family. Google the companies they name and go through their websites. It would help if you read reviews, check their certificate and find out what their charges are. You can even read blogs of other people who have used moving companies. Unless you have an in-depth comprehension, don’t book any company. You wouldn’t want to get ripped off or hire a company with no experience. 

  • Do Ask For Help

As a first-time mover, tackling everything on your own is not a good idea. You can exhaust yourself mentally and physically. You can even end up injuring yourself during the process. Ask friends and family to help you out. Divide each room and make sure that everyone sticks to their plan. Ensure your partner is just as involved as you are. If you’re both working, figure out a timetable that gives you time to sort through your items. You can even ask friends and family members to help you sort your things. Some moving companies also lend their professionals to help you pack. If you have a budget that can accommodate these experts, go for professional help.

  • Don’t Overfill Boxes

If you continue filling up a single box with several items, lifting them will become impossible. Find out what is the safe weight for every package to have. According to that number, make sure every box has an adequate weight. Overstuffing boxes also causes items within the box to collide with each other. They can end up getting damaged. The best way to pack your boxes is to make sure every item has space to get cushioned. If you’re placing bubble-wrapped glasses into one box, you can cushion them with towels. But apart from towels and crystal or glass goods, the same box shouldn’t have any other product.

  • Do Sell Items

Houses inevitably get filled with items. You have years of memories all over your home. You might not have used some of these items for a long time. Moving is an excellent time to cut down on the things you have but don’t need. You can donate items that are still usable to local charities. If you have appliances that you don’t want to take with you, have a garage sale. You can even recycle paper and bottles instead of throwing them out. If you have grown-up children, you may have a collection of baby items. You may donate them or give them to someone who may need baby stuff. Don’t try to hold onto everything. Anything that you didn’t use for a while needs to go. Moving companies charge you for the amount you’re shifting. If you decide to pack everything, you’ll dent your budget.

Wrap Up

You want to turn a new page in your life on a good note. The first time you decide to move, there will be a mixture of emotions. These are natural. However, don’t let your emotions get the best of you and figure out what you need to do for yourself. Compile a list and start ticking off the boxes as you go. Your friends and family are an excellent support system. So it is okay to ask for help. The more you stay on top of your planning, the easier the process will be for you. Don’t stress yourself out. Instead, focus on working in a self-paced manner. You will notice that the more you stick to a plan, the easier it is for you to move. Good luck with your first move!