What Type of Blackjack Has the Best Odds?

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Having a favorite activity or a hobby that you look forward to participating in is one of the best things about life. During the workday there are simply too many responsibilities and obligations that take away our time and energy. In order to recharge and find some pleasure and happiness, people look for what makes them fulfilled and content with life. For many, that is some kind of fun activity that engages the mind, the body, or both. It can be a sport, it can be a skill or an art form, or it can be some sort of entertainment. And in terms of entertainment, nothing can get you engaged as much as gambling.

The Best Kind of Hobby

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Gambling has been around for centuries and it is only getting bigger by the year. Since it is possible to wager on literally anything, gambling can come in so many different ways, shapes, and forms. Still, by far the most popular and widespread type is casino gambling where the players play their favorite casino games for a chance to win some money. In the modern world, this has become much more diverse and versatile due to the existence of online gambling. Back in the day, one would have to make their way to a local saloon or a casino in order to sit at a table and play. Fast forward to 2024, and that is hardly the case anymore. Nowadays, you simply hop online and within a few clicks get to play any type of game that you want.

When it come sot the games, there is truly a lot to choose from. The most popular types of games are the novelty ones, fresh takes on the well-known formulas that are similar and yet quite different from what you expect. Slot machines are the best example of this as these days they are more like video games than gambling games. However, nothing seems to be able to touch the fame and popularity of the classics, whether it is the good-old, traditional way of playing it or a new take. The classic trio of casino-style games has always been poker, roulette, and blackjack, and in this article we are focusing solely on blackjack. The card game has a lot in store both for the serious gambler and an amateur. There are also many types of blackjack to choose from so stick with us to learn which has the best odds. What is more, if you need a great place to play these variants, make sure to check out casinoroar.com.

Single Deck

Let us start with the game of blackjack known as the single deck. This version actually offers some of the best odds of any online casino game in existence. The reason behind this is the fact that the house edge on most online casinos is just 0.13%. Of course, this is due to there only being one deck in circulation, instead of six or eight decks. An additional thing that brings the house edge down, increasing the player odds is the dealer who is standing on the soft 17.

Atlantic City

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While it may not be as big, popular, or culturally influential as Las Vegas, Atlantic City is still the biggest gambling den on the east coast. There is even a blackjack variety that bears the name of this gambling hub, which you can of course play anywhere else and not just in Atlantic City. It is full of player-friendly rules that can raise the odds and help you win some money. Although not as favorable as the single deck version, the house edge is still low, only 0.36%. The rules that favor the players include the dealer standing on the soft 17, doubling down on any two cards, and splitting any 10, J, Q, or K as many as three times in total. The player is even allowed to surrender late.


As with any other casino game, there is a version reserved for those who are all about higher stakes. Not everyone gambles for fun and the experience. There are also those who are very serious and who want to experience a blood rush and have something big to play for. For these players, high stakes blackjack is the kind of game to spend time and money on. It involves a rather high minimum bet of $50 per hand, but the house edge is still only 0.36%. Actually, all of the other rules are exactly like Atlantic City blackjack. If you want to spend more and be in a position to earn more, play higher stakes and bet a minimum of $50 per hand.

Las Vegas Variants

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If Atlantic City has its own, best believe that Vegas also has its respective blackjack variant. Vegas Strip is actually quite similar to the Atlantic City one, albeit without the option to surrender late. Instead, there is the smaller shoe option. The dealer is still on soft 17, you can split the 10, J, Q, and K three times, and double down on any two cards.

However, this is not all Vegas has in store. There is also the Vegas Downtown version where the odds are slightly worse at 0.39%. It is played with a two deck shoe, the dealer hits on soft 17, and the platers can double down on any two cards, but only after splitting. In addition, the players can split pairs as many as three times.

Last but not least, there is the Vegas Blackjack that has the house edge of 0.4%, lowering the odds a bit when compared to everything else on this list. Here, splitting is only permitted once and the player cannot surrender. There are still rules oriented towards the player, like the ever-present dealer on the soft 17. Doubling down is possible on any two cards, and the player can split 10, J, Q, or K once time.


Last but not least, there is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, or PGCB for short. This type of blackjack has the house edge sitting at 0.4%. It is the only allowed blackjack in the state of Pennsylvania, and it has some neat player-friendly rules. The dealer remains on soft 17, it pays 3:2, doubling down is allowed on any two cards and after the split, and you can surrender.